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Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award

For more than a decade, Gallup has recognized the most engaged workplace cultures in the world -- organizations that challenge the status quo and transform their workplaces by putting people at the heart of their business strategies. This year, we renamed the Gallup Great Workplace Award as the Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award to more fully capture the extraordinary achievement of the winners.

By connecting employee engagement to every aspect of their culture, these organizations fuel the motivation and innovation that drive business results far beyond the competition and give people what they really want from their careers and lives: belonging, learning and growth, recognition, a great manager and the opportunity to do what they do best every day.

Meet The 2020 Winners

ABC Supply Logo

ABC Supply
14-time winner

ABC Supply has partnered with Gallup for more than 15 years and has won the Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award (formerly Gallup Great Workplace Award) for the past 13 consecutive years. Throughout the partnership, this U.S.-based, home-building distribution and manufacturing company has seen extraordinary growth and success across the country. Employee engagement, customer engagement and talent-based hiring tactics are at the core of ABC Supply's business model and are reoccurring themes when ABC Supply leaders provide business updates. When visiting a branch in the field or talking to an associate at their corporate office in Beloit, Wisconsin, ABC Supply's commitment to building an engaging culture for their 15,000 employees is evident. ABC Supply also excels at developing this culture in branches and businesses they have acquired. Members of ABC Supply acquisitions often remark on the engaging culture they are joining.

Visit their ABC Supply careers page to learn more about their culture of engagement.

Adena Health System Logo

Adena Health System
five-time winner

Adena Health System System is a healthcare organization in the U.S. with more than 2,500 employees. A previous winner of the Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award (formerly Gallup Great Workplace Award), Adena has achieved multiyear improvements in employee and physician engagement, despite a considerable amount of organizational change. Adena's ability to use engagement as a tool to facilitate change management is both unique and commendable. Adena's success with engagement comes from their leadership's commitment to employees and recognition that engagement fosters productive and safe workplaces.

Visit their Adena Health System careers page to learn more about their culture of engagement.

Alliant Credit Union Logo

Alliant Credit Union
five-time winner

Alliant Credit Union, based in Chicago, Illinois, is one of the largest credit unions in the U.S., currently serving over 500,000 members. With more than 80 years in business, Alliant's sole purpose is to create value for its members, which can only be achieved by its incredibly talented and highly engaged workforce of 600 employees. During Alliant's 15-year partnership with Gallup, it has been a four-time recipient of the Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award (formerly Gallup Great Workplace Award), achieved $11 billion in assets and won countless awards for outstanding customer service. Alliant has created a truly world-class culture that employees take pride in every day.

Visit their Alliant Credit Union careers page to learn more about their culture of engagement.

American Electric Power

American Electric Power

American Electric Power (AEP), based in Columbus, Ohio, is one of the largest electric energy companies in the U.S. They provide power to 5.5 million customers in 11 states, over nearly 40,000 miles of transmission lines, while supporting 18,000 employees. AEP's partnership with Gallup, which dates back to 2014, has transformed the culture at AEP through strong leadership, accountability and a passion for excellence. AEP's incredible commitment to developing and maximizing the potential of its employees has helped springboard their culture to world-class levels in a few short years. AEP's vision is to power a new and brighter future for its customers and the communities they serve.

Visit their American Electric Power careers page to learn more about their culture of engagement.

Atria Convergence Technologies Limited Logo

Atria Convergence Technologies Limited
three-time winner

Atria Convergence Technologies Limited (ACT) is a telecom company in India. It has made its engagement journey sustainable through an exemplary commitment to its 6,652 employees. The leadership team's commitment to employee engagement is evident, as they have set a direction for the organization's culture and actively participate through a frontline presence. The mutual respect between leaders and employees speaks volumes about the culture ACT fosters. ACT values preserving the dignity of individuals and retaining familiarity even during its massive expansion, aiming to hire the best, build on employee talents in their cutting-edge development efforts, and create outstanding client impact for their extensive customer base.

Visit their Atria Convergence Technologies Limited careers page to learn more about their culture of engagement.

Bio Ritmo Logo

Bio Ritmo
two-time winner

Bio Ritmo is the largest gym chain in São Paulo, Brazil. They are a previous winner of the Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award (formerly Gallup Great Workplace Award) and have leveraged Gallup's analytics for more than 10 years. Bio Ritmo strives to use best practices to engage its 1,200 employees, drive performance and improve the quality of their interactions with clients. Bio Ritmo created many of its programs with strengths and engagement at their core and offer an internal learning university that places learning and development at the forefront of their workplace culture.

Visit their Bio Ritmo careers page to learn more about their culture of engagement.

Catholic Charities Fort Worth Logo

Catholic Charities Fort Worth

Catholic Charities Fort Worth is a nonprofit organization based in Texas in the U.S. with the vision to end poverty one family at a time. To best serve communities in need, they invest in helping employees discover and live out their unique strengths. Ongoing development and training opportunities empower employees in their roles and their lives. The strengths movement has united the organization as they fulfill their mission for tens of thousands throughout the 28-county diocese each year.

Visit their Catholic Charities Fort Worth careers page to learn more about their culture of engagement.

Cedar Valley Hospice Logo

Cedar Valley Hospice

Cedar Valley Hospice puts mission and purpose at the core of everything they do. Their 130 professional staff members and 450 volunteers maintain this focus across multiple locations in the U.S., serving the diverse needs of everyone in their care. By staying in touch with the opinions of counselors and caregivers through Gallup's Q12 survey, Cedar Valley Hospice can react quickly and keep employee engagement high. They use meaningful conversations at all levels of the organization as the centerpiece for uniting their workforce around the common goal of serving patients and their families.

Visit their Cedar Valley Hospice careers page to learn more about their culture of engagement.

City of Centennial Logo

City of Centennial
four-time winner

The City of Centennial, Colorado, U.S., is a three-time Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award winner (formerly Gallup Great Workplace Award). They are the first government organization to be awarded this honor. Their bold, dedicated HR director, who is a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, leads the organization's engagement strategy and people-development opportunities. Strengths is a language used across the organization by individuals, teams and projects; it is a constant presence that helps align the local government's 65 employees to accomplish the goals set forth by the city council. Conversations focus on the mission, vision and values of the organization, and how engagement and performance connect them. They are always seeking new ways to serve their people -- both City of Centennial employees and the communities in which they live.

Visit their City of Centennial careers page to learn more about their culture of engagement.

DTE Energy Logo

DTE Energy
eight-time winner

DTE Energy is a Detroit-based, diversified energy company and is one of the largest utility providers in the state of Michigan (U.S.). DTE aspires to be the best-operated energy company in North America and has partnered with Gallup for more than 20 years. With 10,000 employees, DTE is one of the largest employers in the Detroit community. DTE aims to not only serve their 3.5 million electric and gas customers through exceptional service and reliability, but also through philanthropy and volunteerism. DTE is the only energy organization to have won the Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award (formerly Gallup Great Workplace Award) for seven consecutive years. Through a strength-based, engagement-focused approach, the Gallup-DTE Energy partnership has forged one of the strongest workplace cultures in the industry.

Visit their DTE Energy careers page to learn more about their culture of engagement.

Experitec, Inc. Logo

Experitec, Inc.
two-time winner

Experitec, Inc. recognizes that by creating an outstanding workplace culture for their 190 employees, they can create an exceptional experience for their customers and enjoy the resulting business outcomes. In 2019, the U.S.-based industrial automation company saw an increase in nearly all metrics, including double-digit sales/profitability increases (bookings, shipments, revenue, gross profit), and productivity increases companywide. Their human capital strategy, termed "Talent Enablement," involves hiring great employees and managers who are strengths-based, engagement-focused and performance-oriented. In 2019, Experitec focused on their people managers, seeking to incorporate the five pillars of great management from Gallup's It's the Manager. A two-time Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award Winner (formerly Gallup Great Workplace Award), Experitec is committed to continually raising the bar for workplace excellence.

FamilySearch Logo

two-time winner

FamilySearch is a global nonprofit organization dedicated to family history and genealogy. They have 825 employees and have been partnering with Gallup on their engagement strategy for five years. FamilySearch currently boasts a workplace engagement ratio of 16 engaged employees for each actively disengaged employee, as well as a 92% response rate on their semi-annual engagement survey. While focused on their mission of connecting families across generations, they believe their people serve as ambassadors for the work they do, and their managers serve as coaches to these ambassadors. Culture and engagement are prioritized from the top down with best-practice study and sharing, as well as Daily Connect videos that bring this strategy to life every day. Customer activity has tripled, and customer ratings continue to improve. Their continual focus and passion build a purpose-based culture through a lens of engagement.

Foster Group Logo

Foster Group
three-time winner

Founded in 1989, Foster Group, a U.S.-based finance/wealth management organization, has the enduring mission to foster positive life changes and provide financial solutions to help its clients realize their dreams. To achieve this goal, Foster Group started with their 57 employees, using Gallup's Q12 Engagement Index to measure how connected employees were to its mission, vision and values. By focusing on the employee experience, Foster Group demonstrates its continued investment in truly caring for its teams. After three years of collecting data about its employees' experiences, the company continues to measure the quality of its focus on mission, efficacy of organizational changes, and understanding of employee engagement through periods of change.

Visit their Foster Group careers page to learn more about their culture of engagement.

Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools Logo

Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools
four-time winner

Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools' fourth Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award (formerly Gallup Great Workplace Award) is the result of a culture driven by a welcoming learning environment. GSACS seeks to awaken the hearts and minds of students while educating and nurturing them to learn, live fully and serve others. With 700 employees, this K-12 school district intentionally leverages strengths daily, exploring how the measures of the Q12 survey can be implemented to enable student success and whole-child development. In a highly engaged culture, where culture leads strategy, GSACS leaders coach their teams, without judgment, on the opportunities illuminated by the data. The Gallup Path guides the schools in attracting and retaining high-talent teachers and principals throughout the school system, ensuring the right people are placed in the right roles, developed in their strengths, and empowered to help students grow, achieve and add value to their community. GSACS is an exemplar of student success throughout the province of Alberta.

Visit their Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools careers page to learn more about their culture of engagement.

Hawai’i Pacific Health Logo

Hawai'i Pacific Health
eight-time winner

The mission and purpose of Hawai'i Pacific Health are to create a healthier Hawai'i. The U.S.-based health organization continues to deliver on this goal, beginning with its own health. The organization understands the impact its 7000 employees and physicians have on the communities they serve - an impact quantified and confirmed by the relationship between improved engagement and an increase in the number of employees' community volunteer hours. Its program, Getting Rid of Stupid Stuff (GROSS), published in the New England Journal of Medicine, calls for employees and clinicians to provide feedback about eliminating, changing or modifying their electronic health record system. Their Quarterly Conversations evaluation program helps leaders become coaches. The organization focuses on engaging various generations and has launched an outreach program in collaboration with local high schools to support students in exploring healthcare careers. It is this creativity and innovation that makes Hawai'i Pacific Health an exceptional workplace.

Visit their Hawai'i Pacific Health careers page to learn more about their culture of engagement.

Hendrick Health System Logo

Hendrick Health System
14-time winner

Hendrick Health System has been a perennial Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award winner (formerly Gallup Great Workplace Award) since the first year Gallup offered the award. Among many notable health systems with which Gallup partners, Hendrick Health is the only healthcare organization -- and one of only three companies overall -- that has won the award every year since 2007. This is an incredible accomplishment, particularly when considering the relentless change that has faced healthcare organizations over the past decade. Hendrick Health's dedication to the patients and families it serves across a 22-county region in the Texas Midwest starts with its unwavering commitment to caring for the health and wellbeing of its 3000 employees. Hendrick Health's staff and employees know what it means to give back to their community beyond providing top-notch, integrated healthcare. Employees help raise funds and give of their time to community organizations. The organization's mission, created more than 90 years ago, continues as Hendrick Health System moves into the future, striving to deliver high-quality healthcare and emphasizing excellence and compassion that is consistent with the healing ministry of Jesus Christ.

Visit their Hendrick Health System careers page to learn more about their culture of engagement.

Hueman People Solutions Logo

Hueman People Solutions
two-time winner

Hueman's business strategy begins with culture and engagement. The U.S.-based staffing agency has 175 employees, and Gallup's Q12 survey has been instrumental in helping drive its elite level of employee engagement. In turn, the engaged workforce delivers exceptional results to its partners -- results that allow them to grow faster than their competition. Hueman uses the survey results to identify opportunities for both systemic and surgical process improvement. They ruminate over the smallest opportunities to improve engagement, create detailed plans and hold management accountable for executing on those plans. Hueman understands the role employee engagement plays in the organization's ability to execute on all strategic initiatives, so they work tirelessly to put employee engagement at the forefront of their strategy.

Visit their Hueman People Solutions careers page to learn more about their culture of engagement.

Indus Towers Logo

Indus Towers
seven-time winner

Indus Towers has set an example for several organizations in India by demonstrating how putting people at the forefront of organizational initiatives can lead to improved business performance. From driving employee engagement across the telecom organization's 2,350 employees, to focusing on wellbeing, to emphasizing technical efficiencies by being one of the few organizations in India to win the coveted Deming Prize for Total Quality Management, Indus Towers' journey has been exceptional since its 2007 inception. Its values, ExCITE (excellence, customer, integrity, teamwork and environment), foster a culture of alignment and trust where employees find more fulfillment in their work, and leaders, managers and employees can successfully collaborate to navigate change. This is the seventh consecutive year Indus Towers has been named a Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award winner (formerly Gallup Great Workplace Award).

Visit their Indus Towers careers page to learn more about their culture of engagement.

Jollibee Foods Corporation Logo

Jollibee Foods Corporation

Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC) is a Filipino, multinational, quick-service restaurant company based in the Philippines. With the success of its flagship brand, Jollibee, the company has acquired many fast-food competitors in the Philippines and abroad. The company's vision is to be one of the top five restaurant companies in the world and share the joy of eating across the Philippines, North America, China and EMEAA. With nearly 20,000 employees worldwide, JFC leaders recognize that their people drive their business. The company has made engagement a key people strategy that has enabled it to translate its strategic initiatives into business outcomes.

Visit their Jollibee Foods Corporation careers page to learn more about their culture of engagement.

KinderCare Education Logo

KinderCare Education
four-time winner

KinderCare Education remains the first and only company in the early childhood education industry to be recognized by Gallup for this award. KinderCare started its engagement journey eight years ago to make a positive, lasting change for the business -- and, more importantly, for its 30,000 employees across the U.S. They set their sights on a greater purpose and stronger culture than most companies ever imagine -- and they made it a reality. Studies show that companies realize impactful results when they prioritize a thriving culture and engaged workforce. Not only do engaged workforces drive the bottom line and business growth, for KinderCare, engaged teachers and staff directly result in better success for children. KinderCare is a people business -- talented teachers create learning experiences for children while supporting America's hardworking families. KinderCare cares for its employees so they can care for the children and families they serve and the culture they have created that allows their business to thrive.

Visit their KinderCare Education careers page to learn more about their culture of engagement.

Kootenai Health Logo

Kootenai Health
four-time winner

Kootenai Health is a healthcare organization in the U.S. with 3,400 employees. Recognizing the importance that key experiences have on creating a workplace culture of engagement, Kootenai Health established the Kootenai Health Way program. The program includes an annual event designed to positively impact the employee experience by bringing the organization together for a day of learning and inspiration. Kootenai Health has also launched several forums and modes for effective communication across all levels of the organization, including Kootenai Health Live, an interactive forum hosted by the CEO. The results are more apparent connections between employees' everyday contributions and their impact on the mission and purpose of the organization. The organization also focuses on leader development through programs like the Kootenai Health Leadership Academy suite of training opportunities, designed to equip managers with tools and tactics for improved interactions with employees. Leaders' willingness to share and discuss best practices and collaborate on developing strategies for organization-wide improvements builds a strong sense of community.

Visit their Kootenai Health careers page to learn more about their culture of engagement.

Mars Inc. Logo

Mars Inc.
11-time winner

With associate engagement firmly embedded as a signature process benefitting over 125,000 associates in 80 countries, Mars Inc. celebrates its eleventh year as a Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award winner (formerly Gallup Great Workplace Award). From the first global measurement, Mars rose from the bottom quartile in Gallup's employee engagement database to the top quartile -- all while significantly shifting the nature of the business model at the global manufacturer of food and pet care items. Leaders at Mars recognize their significant growth is possible only through engaged and empowered associates. Leaders are strong advocates for a continuously evolving, performance-oriented workplace where innovations are celebrated through a unique "Make the Difference" recognition program. There is also strong accountability and associates can expect to be led by a great line manager. Managers can expect to have the tools they need, and recognize the important role they play in creating the conditions for engagement within their teams. Mars firmly believes, "The world we want tomorrow starts with how we do business today." Associates live that purpose through the actions they take each day to support each other, along with broader goals, such as making the world a better place for pets, and helping Mars become sustainable in a generation.

Visit their Mars Inc. careers page to learn more about their culture of engagement.

Mary Lanning Healthcare Logo

Mary Lanning Healthcare
six-time winner

Mary Lanning Healthcare (MLH) is a U.S.-based organization with 1,100 employees, and a six-time Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award winner (formerly Gallup Great Workplace Award). MLH has nurtured a thoughtful, holistic, long-term approach for building and sustaining an exceptional workplace -- starting with talent selection to place innately talented people in the right positions, then moving from performance management to performance development, fostering a strengths-based culture, and having a strong focus on wellbeing. In an industry challenged by a nurse shortage and high turnover, MLH's commitment to mentoring and nurturing its nurses has resulted in a jaw-dropping accomplishment: 0% nurse turnover during their first year. Careful selection, strong manager development and performance management have culminated in this achievement that is enviable among healthcare organizations. Mary Lanning's leadership understands the intertwined relationship between associate engagement, associate wellbeing, and the ability to create a patient-centered focus.

Visit their Mary Lanning Healthcare careers page to learn more about their culture of engagement.

Nationwide Insurance Logo

Nationwide Insurance
eight-time winner

Based in Columbus, Ohio, U.S., Nationwide Insurance is an insurance and financial services organization that employs more than 30,000 associates. For nearly 100 years, Nationwide's mission has revolved around its associates, members and customers. Knowing that each of these constituents is crucial to its success, it has invested significantly in creating a strong culture that engages associates to stay at Nationwide long-term and serve its members. Nationwide has also used a variety of methodologies to understand how well the organization is living its mission and keeping the customer front and center in all decisions. This is the eighth time Nationwide has won the Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award (formerly Gallup Great Workplace Award).

Visit their Nationwide Insurance careers page to learn more about their culture of engagement.

NFU Mutual Logo

NFU Mutual
five-time winner

NFU Mutual is run for and by its members, which means every business decision is based on the best interests of its over 90,000 members. A mutual insurance organization based in the UK, NFU Mutual is committed to creating an environment where its employees are not only engaged, but also empowered to make a difference. Development is a key tenant of the company culture, and NFU Mutual effectively positions leaders and managers to help employees flourish and grow. In turn, they deliver an exceptional experience to all members.

Visit their NFU Mutual careers page to learn more about their culture of engagement.

Northwest Farm Credit Services Logo

Northwest Farm Credit Services
four-time winner

Northwest Farm Credit Services (Northwest FCS) launched its employee and customer engagement journey with Gallup in 2013, starting strong -- 41% of customers and 34% of 750 employees were fully engaged. By 2016, Northwest FCS was in the 96th percentile, categorizing the cooperative as a Gallup World-Class Organization. The U.S.-based financial services organization's customer engagement score has grown without fail each year -- evidence of what organizations can accomplish with a highly engaged workforce. The relationship between a producer and their lender is critical to agricultural businesses. The farmers, ranchers, foresters and fishers in Northwest FCS's territory have options, and they choose to do business with Northwest FCS. This is Northwest FCS's fourth year winning the Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award (Gallup Great Workplace Award).

Visit their Northwest Farm Credit Services careers page to learn more about their culture of engagement.

OHM Advisors Logo

OHM Advisors
two-time winner

OHM Advisors is a professional services organization with 457 employees operating in the U.S. The firm has partnered with Gallup for their employee engagement needs for the last six years. Since the beginning, it has experienced steady growth in all aspects of business alongside improved engagement scores. By focusing on engagement, its overall culture has improved greatly with significant impact on the working environment. Employee engagement is one of its strategic initiatives each year with a focus on performance-driving outcomes. The leaders at the organization are fully committed to driving and sustaining this from the top. OHM Advisors won the Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award last year (formerly Gallup Great Workplace Award) and they continue to strive for excellence.

Visit their OHM Advisors careers page to learn more about their culture of engagement.

Pan Pacific Hotels & Resorts Pte Ltd Logo

Pan Pacific Hotels & Resorts Pte Ltd

Pan Pacific Hotels & Resorts Pte Ltd is a wholly-owned hotel subsidiary of the Singapore-listed UOL Group Limited and has hotels, resorts and serviced suites across Asia Pacific, Europe and North America. With more than 7,000 associates of more than 100 different nationalities, Pan Pacific Hotels & Resorts leaders acknowledge that the people drive the business. The EXCOs and general managers are committed to driving their property's engagement and actual financial performance. The corporate office has driven efforts to integrate vision and values-sharing throughout the group. Corporate and property HR officers diligently facilitate communications, action plan, and continuously support managers to ensure the continuity and success of the engagement program. To connect with all the associates throughout their journey and align the group's DNA to drive an excellent service culture, Pan Pacific Hotels & Resorts has continuously revamped its customized initiatives and activities.

Visit their Pan Pacific Hotels & Resorts Pte Ltd careers page to learn more about their culture of engagement.

Phelps Memorial Health Center Logo

Phelps Memorial Health Center

Phelps Memorial Health Center is a nonprofit, critical access hospital located in Holdrege, Nebraska, in the U.S. They have 280 employees and have been committed to employee engagement for several years. Their consistent attention to doing the heavy lifting around engagement is top-of-mind for everyone in the health center. Reaping the rewards of a high-performing organization through Q12-based actions has always been a focus, as well as continuously searching for best practices and ways to expand the scope of what drives the organization's teams to the next level. Phelps Memorial Health Center has never wavered in the face of constant change and is poised to make the future even brighter.

Visit their Phelps Memorial Health Center careers page to learn more about their culture of engagement.

Regions Bank Logo

Regions Bank
six-time winner

Regions Bank has an intentional focus on engagement and how it contributes to success and fuels growth. Over the last eight years, the U.S.-based financial services organization has focused on employee engagement for its 20,000 employees. For the past two years, Regions Bank has invested in developing its managers and teaching them how to drive performance through its strengths-based, engagement-focused culture. They introduced seven manager behaviors that were woven into the course and measured the shift that team members felt before and after the course. Regions Bank continues to impress Gallup with its ability to strengthen its culture and serve its customers better while living out its values. Receiving the Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award (formerly Gallup Great Workplace Award) for the sixth year in a row truly affirms their efforts.

Visit their Regions Bank careers page to learn more about their culture of engagement.

Self Regional Healthcare Logo

Self Regional Healthcare
13-time winner

Self Regional Healthcare (SRH) is a healthcare organization in the U.S. with 2,000 employees. SRH's mission is to serve communities with hearts, minds and hands. The hospital has demonstrated a truly integrated approach to healthcare solutions by listening to the community and its employees to provide the best possible experience. People are the focus of the organization, inside and out. Since 2004, SRH has recognized the strategic importance that employee engagement has on patient satisfaction and quality care, measuring how effective managers are at getting their teams to strive for superior outcomes. SRH also uses engagement as a learning tool, pairing managers of the most engaged teams with less engaged teams. Each year, SRH conducts an audit to ensure strategic goals, patient scores and engagement are aligned. SRH then leverages the results to inform its learning agenda for the year, using robust communication to keep the entire SRH community apprised of any changes. The hospital is a pillar of strength in the city of Greenwood, South Carolina, and is a beacon nationwide for what quality care can look like in rural America.

Visit their Self Regional Healthcare careers page to learn more about their culture of engagement.

SentryOne Logo

two-time winner

SentryOne is a technology/software development company based in the U.S. and Ireland. SentryOne has distinguished itself as a premier employer in all the markets they serve. Under the leadership of Jenn Miller, SentryOne has flawlessly and consistently executed the core concepts of strengths-based development and employee engagement for its 150 employees. Using the core practices of putting employees in a position to succeed, and approaching engagement as a learning and development campaign, this is an exceptional place to make a career. SentryOne is also a great example of the role of senior leadership in employee engagement. SentryOne CEO Bob Potter is a massive advocate for engagement and strengths coaching, and there are lessons to be learned from his self-directed, best-in-class approach.

Visit their SentryOne careers page to learn more about their culture of engagement.

Stryker Logo

13-time winner

Stryker is one of the world's leading medical device companies. Their mission, "Together with our customers, we are driven to make healthcare better," is a unifying force for their 38,000 employees worldwide. Customers and patients are at the heart of everything Stryker does, and this deep understanding has driven its innovation, designing and manufacturing products and delivering services that make a difference in caregivers' and patients' lives. Stryker's commitment to be a strengths-based organization and invest in talent has created a performance and team-oriented culture that is a source of pride for employees. In 2019, Stryker's net sales increased to $14.9 billion, marking the 40th consecutive year of growth. Stryker attributes its success and accomplishments to its talent, culture and durable operating model, and continues to be driven by its core values of integrity, accountability, people and performance.

Visit their Stryker careers page to learn more about their culture of engagement.

Talent Logo

two-time winner

Talent is a global technology and digital recruitment specialist based in Australia, New Zealand, the U.S. and the U.K. Talent focuses on creating a culture of inclusion -- not only organization-wide, but within its clients' organizations too. The 100% Human at Work initiative encourages people to bring their whole selves to work. The company offers ongoing manager development to engage its employees and achieved low turnover in an industry with traditionally high turnover. Company leaders differentiate their workplace culture by investing in their 300 employees and bringing expertise to their clients. This is Talent's second year winning the Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award (formerly Gallup Great Workplace Award).

Visit their Talent careers page to learn more about their culture of engagement.

TCI Wealth Advisors Logo

TCI Wealth Advisors

With over 25 years investing in the future of its firm, its clients and their families, TCI Wealth Advisors believes engagement starts with a mutual commitment to care personally, communicate honestly and balance employees' lives and careers. The U.S.-based finance and wealth management organization shifted from performance management to performance development for its 71 employees. TCI created the team-lead role to facilitate ongoing conversations with employees, as well as additional career development opportunities with more defined job descriptions, job progressions and pay ranges within each role, so employees understand their compensation and how it can progress as they grow in their roles. TCI also revamped and expanded the State of TCI meetings to focus on vision victories, employee headlines, strengths information and employee recognition (promotions, work anniversaries and personal highlights).

Visit their TCI Wealth Advisors careers page to learn more about their culture of engagement.

The Palace Group Logo

The Palace Group
three-time winner

The Palace Group has set the standard for senior care, providing a variety of residence options to seniors living in southern Florida. To accomplish the mission of providing an "exceptional level of personal service exceeding the expectations of the employees, residents and their families," The Palace Group seeks to create a culture that position its 1,100 employees to provide that exceptional care. Engagement is the foundation of their learning and development programs, like The Palace Group's Career Advancement Program, which allows employees to see themselves beyond their current role. Resident and family surveys reinforce the importance of the organization's commitment to care. Valuable feedback and learning opportunities continue to set a high bar of excellence.

Visit their The Palace Group careers page to learn more about their culture of engagement.

White Lodging Logo

White Lodging
three-time winner

White Lodging -- a leading hotel ownership, development and management company in the U.S. -- has won the Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award (formerly Gallup Great Workplace Award) two years in a row. Partnering with Gallup since 2015, White Lodging has seen significant increases in engagement among its 6000 employees and enjoyed the resulting business outcomes. In late 2019, White Lodging started a partnership with Gallup around talent-based hiring to continually increase the talent of White Lodging associates and ultimately drive the best possible guest experience at White Lodging properties. The White Lodging brand is well-respected in hospitality and the culture they built stands out in the industry.

Visit their White Lodging careers page to learn more about their culture of engagement.

Z-Medica, LLC Logo

Z-Medica, LLC

Z-Medica, LLC is a small medical device company with 130 employees in Connecticut (U.S.) that manufactures innovative products for hemorrhage control. In February 2018, the company hired a new CEO, Eric Compton, who served as the chief operating officer at Hologic and was very familiar with all the benefits of a highly engaged workforce. Z-Medica partnered with Gallup to move beyond average engagement scores and focus on each manager, helping leaders and managers understand the engagement of their teams and create action plans accordingly. The company focuses on building credibility, winning as a team and recruiting, retaining and developing its talent.

Visit their Z-Medica, LLC careers page to learn more about their culture of engagement.

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