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Private Equity: Unlock the Value of Your Portfolio Company's Culture

Discover how to unlock more value faster by maximizing return and minimizing the risk of organizational culture through actionable initiatives.

Systemic human capital inefficiencies can quickly erode the foundation of enterprise-level value-creation strategies, but strong employee motivation, cohesion and buy-in have the power to significantly drive value-creation efforts.

Gallup's scientific approach to identify strengths and weaknesses within corporate culture and link them to specific business outcomes provides a blueprint to unlock value.

Download Private Equity: Maximizing Return and Minimizing Risk by Unlocking the Value of Culture to learn:

  • how Gallup's human capital strategies can add up to 59% more growth per revenue per employee
  • why measuring qualitative and quantitative components helps corporate culture and unlock value
  • definitions of culture and how focusing on culture can help you achieve a potential 85% net profit increase over a five-year period
  • tips about how actionable initiatives like leadership succession planning and employee experience management can make a difference in corporate culture to drive real business outcomes
A woman makes a business presentation to a group of business leaders while they discuss the perspective paper: Private Equity: Maximizing Return and Minimizing Risk by Unlocking the Value of Culture

Create a wining culture for your portfolio companies today

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