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Gallup Q12® Meta-Analysis

Gallup's 10th employee engagement meta-analysis -- the largest study of its kind to date -- examines decades of employee engagement and performance data from more than 100,000 teams to evaluate the connection between employee engagement and 11 key business outcomes.

Gallup's employee engagement meta-analysis provides a more precise estimate of the influence of team engagement on performance outcomes than any one study can capture.

Our meta-analysis finds that the powerful relationship between employee engagement -- as measured by Gallup's Q12 survey -- and performance can be generalized across countries, industries, organizations and teams.

As a result, organizations that apply the Q12 and Gallup insights can be confident in their efforts to positively influence business performance.

Download the current meta-analysis report to learn:

  • the effect of highly engaged teams on 11 business outcomes, including productivity, turnover and profitability
  • why doing what is best for employees does not have to contradict what is best for the business or organization
  • how Gallup's Q12 can help your organization accelerate its performance

Download Gallup's previous meta-analysis report here.

Report cover for Gallup’s Meta Analysis of The Relationship Between Engagement at Work and Organizational Outcomes

Gallup's 10th employee engagement meta-analysis includes:

business/work units



Download Gallup's employee engagement meta-analysis report.

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