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Wellbeing at Work

How to Build Resilient and Thriving Teams

Our latest book, Wellbeing at Work, reveals how to build organizational resilience and improve employee wellbeing and mental health in your workplace.

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Get strategic insights about wellbeing in the workplace.

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Organizations have the power and responsibility to improve their employees' wellbeing.

When leaders and managers cultivate the whole person at work -- not just the employee -- they promote the success of every individual in the organization.

1 in 4
Americans reported feeling a lot of sadness the previous day
of U.S. employees experience burnout on the job very often or always
7 in 10
people globally are struggling or suffering in their lives
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  • Discover the best ways to improve workplace wellbeing.
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About The Book
Why is Wellbeing at Work so important now?
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The Mental Health Crisis Is Here
Every workplace in the world needs more resilient employees. A global mental health crisis and economic turmoil have created a pressing need for employee wellbeing and thriving cultures.
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Leaders Need the Ultimate Field Guide to Organizational Resilience
Wellbeing at Work details how leaders and managers can build resilient, thriving teams.
A man walking and looking like a blur with charts in the back ground.
Workplace Wellbeing Strategies Need to Be Credible and Supported by Research
Based on over 100 million global interviews, Wellbeing at Work gives leaders research-backed advice to help them develop better strategies so their teams can thrive.
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Most People Are Struggling or Suffering
The right place to start reversing this trend is in the workplace. People want a good job with a good manager where they can use their strengths every day. Wellbeing at Work empowers leaders and managers to create thriving cultures that will change the world.
Releasing May 4, 2021
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Lead your organization to a thriving and resilient future. Wellbeing at Work includes a unique code to take the CliftonStrengths assessment, which reveals your top five strengths. Secure your copy today.