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Download Gallup's Perspective on ESG and the Will of the Workplace.


Download Gallup's Perspective Paper on ESG and the Will of the Workplace

Learn why the employee voice is critical in ESG data.

Cover of Gallup's Perspective Paper on ESG and the Will of the Workplace

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Ensure you include the voice of the employee in your company's ESG data.

Gallup has a deep understanding of what motivates employee behavior -- what leads to true compliance, pushes people to go above and beyond, and drives them to create solutions.

Through decades of research, we've learned two important things:

  1. Corporate culture plays a major role in the effectiveness of safety, training and diversity programs.
  2. When ethical issues, scandals and malfeasance occur, employees are the first to know -- long before leaders and the board.

Download this report to answer the following:

  • What is ESG and how important is it?
  • Why is the voice of the employee essential to ESG reporting?
  • What is the People and Planet 5 survey?
  • What do organization leaders need to do now?

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