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Workplace Learning & Development Programs

What do people look for in a career today? The opportunity to learn and grow.

Investing in your employees' development is one of the best ways to win and keep top talent.

Another? Creating an exceptional workplace through better practices in hiring, management, employee engagement and performance development.


"How-to" learning opportunities are everywhere -- and they're not enough.

Employees want meaningful growth opportunities -- and they need them to stay productive in their roles.

If companies don't provide chances for ongoing development, they won't differentiate themselves or improve individual performance.

Our learning programs help your organization:

  • create a culture of ongoing learning
  • contribute to the personal and professional development of each employee
  • support diversity and inclusion
  • increase each employee's engagement in their work and reduce burnout
  • improve innovation and other crucial workplace metrics

No. 1
Millennials rank the opportunity to learn and grow in a job above all other considerations, and 69% of non-millennials say it is important to them.

4 in 10
Only 4 in 10 employees strongly agree they have opportunities at work to learn and grow.

When the number of employees who strongly agree they have opportunities at work to learn and grow doubles from 4 to 8 in 10, organizations can realize 44% less absenteeism.

Program Types

Discover our corporate training programs that can help you transform your workplace.

Give your leaders, managers and engagement champions proven strategies and practical tools to engage their people, every day.

Highly engaged teams experience an average of 17% higher productivity.

Learn about Gallup's research-based recommendations for how to transform outdated performance management practices into an approach that actually increases performance.

Only 2 in 10 employees strongly agree that their performance is managed in a way that motivates them to do outstanding work.

Every hire you make either increases the talent and success of your team or detracts from it.

Learn how to confidently and successfully attract and hire the right people for the right roles to create and sustain engagement and performance.

Gallup's strengths-based approach to employee development is different.

We use CliftonStrengths to help people understand each other and focus on what they do best. Learn how to coach your employees and provide them with powerful strengths insights and development resources.

Leaders and managers set the tone for your company culture.

Our programs give them meaningful and practical insights about human behavior so they can make better decisions, develop people's strengths, increase team productivity and performance, and improve culture.

Who It's For

Tailor learning for every role in your organization.

Achieve organizational alignment by cascading Gallup's learning solutions throughout your organization.

We can design role-specific learning for every position in your company:

  • Executives and Senior Leaders
  • Business Unit Leaders
  • Managers and Team Leaders
  • Supervisors
  • Individual Contributors (Field or Corporate)
  • Human Resources and Organizational Development Professionals
  • Coaches, Trainers and Champions
Woman clapping at conference.

Choose your preferred mode of learning or a combination of all four.

An instructor teaching a group of employees.

Instructor-led courses

A man completing online courses.

Online courses & modules

A business woman coaching a business man.

One-on-one coaching

A young business woman learning online.

Online tools & materials

People retain what they learn better when they can integrate activities into their work in multiple ways. Use a variety of learning modes to create an effective blended learning solution.


People who participate in our training solutions approach their work in a new way.

Employees who participate in our courses:

  • become more capable and effective at meeting their role expectations
  • learn and apply new strategies and techniques that increase productivity
  • bring more of their natural talents into the workplace and experience greater engagement in their work
  • increase their ability to contribute to overall team and company success
Diverse teams of people learning together in the workplace.

Make learning easier, faster and more effective with our workplace platform.

Team of three employees doing online learning in a bright, modern workplace.
Collect employee feedback.

Ask important workplace questions that are scientifically linked to your desired business outcomes.

A professional training session happening with a group of employees in an office.
Discover what to do next.

Get management best practices and proven advice on every important workplace topic.

Two managers discussing online learning opportunities for their team.
Scale your learning.

Offer the right learning, at the right time, with a learner-centric approach.

Differentiate your workplace by giving employees meaningful learning opportunities.

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