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Learning Programs for Leaders and Managers

Whose work style and decision-making influence your company the most? The people in charge. And what happens if they don't lead well? Great employees leave.

Equip your executives, leaders and managers to make better people decisions and build a workplace culture that keeps your top performers.

We offer a suite of in-person and online leadership training and coaching programs.


Most leaders and managers aren't motivating employees like you might think.

How do we know?

Because only 2 in 10 employees say they're managed in a way that motivates them to do outstanding work. And just 15% strongly agree that the leadership of their company makes them enthusiastic about the future.

Our learning programs help your leaders and managers:

  • motivate every employee with a compelling mission and vision
  • understand their own unique leadership style
  • drive organizational performance
  • learn to coach employees at all levels
  • build relationships and accountability based on trust and transparency
  • make better decisions by understanding their own strengths and weaknesses

Leaders and managers who have these qualities bring out the best employee performance and produce better business results.


Increase leadership effectiveness. Equip your leaders and managers to hire, develop and engage high-performing teams.

*online or in-person options for each learning category

This leadership training fosters participants' ability to manage effectively and to create and sustain high performance -- with each team member and with their team as a whole.

Learn about Gallup's latest research, strategies and best practices for attracting, interviewing and hiring individuals with the right talent who fit the role, the manager's style, the team and the organization.

Gain an understanding of your own strengths and how you can use them to make better decisions, motivate your team and develop other people's strengths.

Create a culture where engagement -- and performance -- can thrive using strategies and tools based on Gallup's 30 years of employee engagement science.

To be successful in today's workplace, managers must take a new approach to managing performance -- one that inspires and develops each team member to perform at their best. Gain practical experience in creating the type of accountability that is crucial to reinventing performance management practices.

Leaders will develop the skills to build trusting relationships with employees and teams, understand their employees' needs, take an active role in providing meaningful feedback, deal with challenging conversations and individualize each employee's development.


Do you want to create a custom leadership journey for your organization?

Use our analytics and expertise to build a scalable pathway for your leaders.


Choose your preferred mode of learning or a combination of all four.

An instructor teaching a group of employees.

Instructor-led courses

A man completing online courses.

Online courses & modules

A business woman coaching a business man.

One-on-one coaching

A young business woman learning online.

Online tools & materials

People retain what they learn better when they can integrate activities into their work in multiple ways. Use a variety of learning modes to create an effective blended learning solution.


Your leaders set the tone for your company culture -- your managers make or break it.

Leaders can create inspiring messages, but every move your managers make either builds up engagement on a daily basis or deflates it.

Managers are responsible for 70% of the variance in employee engagement. Leaders are responsible for setting managers up for success.

What kind of culture are you creating?

2 in 10
Just 22% of employees think their leaders know where their organization is headed.

Only 15% of employees strongly agree the leadership of their organization makes them feel enthusiastic about the future.

Companies who invested in Gallup's manager development courses had an average increase of 16% more engaged employees.

Develop your leaders and managers to create an exceptional workplace.

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