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Katie Lyon

Katie Lyon

Managing Director, Higher Education
Minneapolis, Minnesota

About Katie

Leads Gallup's strengths in education efforts by partnering with educators at leading U.S. institutions

Katie's mission is for every student to fulfill the ultimate purpose of their career and life by knowing and living their strengths. Thriving students are engaged in school because their schools deliver on the promise of helping students live a better life, on campus and beyond.

Under Katie's leadership, the education division has grown to serve more than half a million students from over 700 educational institutions annually. Katie has directly, and with her team, partnered with education leaders to build thriving, engaged campuses.

Katie has also worked as a consultant in Gallup Education and led teams to measure and influence student strengths development, well-being, hope and engagement.


St. Olaf College
Bachelor's Degree, English

University of Iowa
Master's Degree, Business

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