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Strategic Communications


You won't be surprised to hear that at Gallup, we know a lot about data. But we also know that having reliable data is just the first step in developing thought leadership.

If you want to change the world, the data have to mean something for people to make a difference.

Mission-Driven Partnerships

A Strategic Communications Plan That Makes More Than Headlines

When the findings come from Gallup, the credibility speaks for itself.

Our brand is equated with trustworthy, unbiased research and benchmark metrics that contribute to serious conversations about human development and public policy.

Our work has defined U.N. sustainable development goals and other global development goals, as well as earned placements in top-tier global media outlets, from The New York Times to the Associated Press to the BBC to The Washington Post and more.

When our brand and consulting expertise meet your mission, we can make key discoveries and develop a strategic communications plan to:

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How we do it

A Unique Approach to Sharing Insights

We've been reporting on the will of the world for over 80 years, giving us a unique relationship with the press. Like them, we are trying to understand the attitudes and behaviors of people in an impartial way.

We publish the insights we develop through our independent research and client partnerships with the reach and neutrality of a news organization, generating media attention across the news spectrum.

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Our Approach

Research Expertise, Expertly Presented

From designing the research to designing how it's presented to the world, our end-to-end consulting provides expertise for every step of your public release project.

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Gallup's strategic communications team pairs its relationships and understanding of the media's appetite for high-quality data with our clients' positioning and thought leadership objectives to deliver maximum impact.

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Leveraging our brand and research expertise, Gallup's team can write and publish analyses on Gallup News, which is a regularly viewed thought leadership resource for top-tier media outlets.

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We collaborate on fact-checking, writing or issuing joint press releases, as well as hosting briefings with reporters during launch events.

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In the post-COVID world, events aren't going to look the same. Gallup's strategic communications team provides convening power to our data to produce high-quality virtual and in-person events that position our clients as thought leaders in front of the right audiences.

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We create engaging multimedia deliverables to share findings and demonstrate your thought leadership.

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We produce landing pages to host the download of beautifully designed report collateral as well as lead Gallup-branded email campaigns.

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We promote findings and highlight communications efforts across Gallup's social media platforms and offer live-tweeting during events.

Our Impact

Establishing Organizations as the Leading Voice for Change

We work with organizations that want to understand the parameters of a problem and become a leading voice on providing solutions.

Our Reach

A Unique Toolbox for Public Opinion Research

No one reaches as many people or asks as many questions as we do. Learn how we partner with mission-driven organizations to fill data gaps, take the pulse of the world, and generate new insights that leaders and policymakers need to hear.

Let's make change together.

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