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Lumina and Gallup find Americans are more confident in community colleges than four-year universities. The greatest difference between the two is cost.

Americans now split into roughly equal thirds as to whether they have a lot of (36%), some (32%) or very little (32%) confidence in higher education.

Gallup and Walton Family Foundation study finds U.S. students grade schools B-, and lower-income students rate their schools worse.

Cost and program flexibility are leading reasons Americans without a degree or credential have left their postsecondary program, and about three-quarters of these learners have considered reenrolling in the past two years.


Ahead of Teacher Appreciation Week, few teachers say they have received recent praise and recognition -- a problem that persists but can be fixed.

New research from the Gallup-Walton Family Foundation Voices of Gen Z study gives insight into how happy U.S. young people are and suggests ways to increase their happiness.

A majority of student loan borrowers who have not completed their degree say they have delayed at least one major life event due to their loan debt.

A Lumina study finds 71% of current and future students consider state reproductive policies in college choices; 80% prefer states with greater access.

A Lumina Foundation-Gallup study shows that 81% of students consider gun policies key in their college choice.

Gallup has identified six key elements of the K-12 workplace that leaders can focus on to address the growing concern of educator turnover.

Black and Hispanic students are more likely than their White peers to report they have considered leaving their postsecondary program, and mental health and emotional stress are their main reasons for doing so.

Faced with burned out employees who are shopping for jobs, educational leaders everywhere should take these actions.

West Virginia University uses CliftonStrengths to accomplish its unique mission. See how a strengths-based approach drives positive results.

A Gallup and Walton Family Foundation survey shows that Gen Z males in the U.S. express higher STEM interest than females, revealing key gender gaps.

A Gallup and Learning Heroes study shows that U.S. parents rely on grades to gauge their kids' success, but tests show racial gaps in actual performance.

Research shows that a strengths-based approach to education positively impacts student engagement and retention.

With universities urgently seeking ways to engage and retain students, CliftonStrengths offers a solution to these issues and so much more.

Almost nine in 10 parents believe their child is at or above grade level, but other academic measures tell a different story.

Discover parents' perceptions of their children's academic progress.

A recent Lumina Foundation-Gallup study shows that in 2022, Hispanic students enrolled in a post-high school program in the U.S. were more likely than any other race or ethnicity to feel discriminated against.