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Emotions and Mood

Explore Gallup's research.

Gallup's Emotional Wellbeing Indicator reveals the world's daily experiences, both good and bad.

Get data and insights on people's negative and positive daily experiences that can help leaders understand how to increase emotional health in society.

Giving leaders a comprehensive picture of wellbeing worldwide.

Puzzling Gallup Panel data show that across generations, remote workers are experiencing more negative emotions but high engagement and wellbeing.

Track how people everywhere feel about their lives. Gallup's global statistics capture the depth and detail of the human emotional experience.

The emotional needs of customers only intensify in a disruption. Lift their burdens of stress and worry by meeting these four needs.

With in-person contact severed, mentoring is essential for student wellbeing. Lead with a caring perspective to foster relationships.

Learn what can happen when trendsetters misunderstand empathy and its role in successful leadership.

71% of people worldwide said they experienced a lot of enjoyment yesterday.

Globally, Negative Experience Index reaches new high in 2017.