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Managing people is harder than ever -- but it's also more important than ever. See why creating a thriving workplace hinges on manager engagement.

Employee engagement is driven more by great managers than by countries' labor policies or job markets.

20% of employees feel lonely, with younger and fully remote workers feeling it most. Work itself can decrease loneliness -- read more to see how.

Discover the difference between how managers think they are leading their teams and how employees say they're being managed.

Leaders and managers are facing more extreme changes than other employees. Read how to limit the lingering disruption caused by organizational change.

Organizations everywhere struggle to counteract the toxic effects of psychosocial hazards. Take three actions to curb this cultural risk.

Go beyond manager training. Develop managers to support organic growth.

Mothers are a vital part of the workforce. Here's how leaders can make sure they're supporting working moms in their organizations.

A Gallup survey of CHROs from Fortune 500 companies reveals a pressing need to build performance management systems that actually inspire employees.

Close to half of the workforce is seeking or open to new job opportunities. German employers must engage more of their employees or risk losing them.

Most remote-capable workers now have hybrid flexibility, meaning employers need to make the commute worth it. Learn four elements that draw workers in.

Worrying trends in U.S. government workplaces are thwarting mission success. Fix employee engagement stagnation with these actions.

Continuing a downward trend, employee engagement in the U.S. has dropped to its lowest level in more than a decade.

Your organization's core cultural values should be felt by all employees. If they're not, follow these three pieces of advice.

Learn how Fraser Coast creates a future-ready organization using strengths and engagement.

Gallup celebrates 60 winning organizations that maintained highly engaged workplace cultures while adapting to the challenges of 2023.

About one in four government employees are burnt out. This can be attributed to five root causes that range from unfair treatment to lack of manager support.

Customer expectations have changed since the pandemic. See what employees and CHROs say are the biggest obstacles to meeting the new expectations.

Gallup finds that only 18% of U.S. employees say their company is agile. These are the three biggest challenges to true agility in the workplace.

Outdated structures and family responsibilities can hinder women's career goals. Here's how to support their rise to the top.