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Leadership and Succession

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Discover the key traits of effective leadership, learn to develop leadership skills, differentiate between leadership and management, and build successful teams.

Revolutionize the way you think about organizational leadership.

Rethink the way your organization selects leaders to build a robust and diverse leadership talent pipeline.

In the changing workplace, a manager's role is far more than supervisory. Is your organization underinvesting in their leadership development?

At the forefront of internal learning and development, this global bank built a platform to bring its vibrant culture of mobility to life.

Learn these three powerful reasons why CHROs are best positioned to be the next CEO of your company.

Learn how to help people understand if they really want to get into a management role through a realistic job preview.

Learn why it's important to start treating your managers like stars and focus on their experience -- the manager experience.

Learn why most development programs leave managers asking, "What now?" and how understanding the manager experience can increase learning.

Learn why trust in leadership is low, why it varies greatly from one team to another and how leaders can start building a culture of trust today.

Learn about the business case for fair hiring assessments and why even the best managers have hiring biases.

Learn why cognitive bias is hurting your promotion and succession decisions and how to create a plan that relies on data, not perception.

Learn four practical steps for turning succession planning from an imprecise art into an exact science.

35% of U.S. Managers Are Engaged in Their Jobs