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Attract the Right Fit

Employment Brand & Employee Value Proposition

Take an evidence-based approach to identifying your ideal candidate and tailoring your employer messaging directly to them.

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Employees have become "consumers of the workplace" -- and savvy ones at that.

They do their research and browse before they buy. You now have to convince them to choose you.

Gallup helps you stand out in a hypercompetitive talent market. Through an authentic and compelling employment brand and EVP, you grab the attention of more candidates who are the right fit for your organization. We aim for quality, not quantity, so you create efficiencies in your recruiting process and raise the overall performance of your workforce.

To identify your ideal candidate, Gallup studies your top performers, as well as your culture. We take that understanding of your ideal employee and work with you to design a persuasive and targeted employment brand and EVP. You speak directly to prospective employees who will thrive in your organization while filtering out those who are a mismatch.

35% of employees have changed jobs within the past three years.

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51% of employees are actively looking for a different job or watching for openings.

70+ years of helping organizations find and select employees.

Show candidates why you're the best choice.

Start with success and build from there.

Gallup solutions help you create a differentiated employment brand and EVP that attract more ideal candidates.

Workforce analytics. We differ from the more common approaches to employment branding. We start by analyzing your high performers to gain a clear picture of who these individuals are, what initially brought them to your organization and what keeps them there.

Culture audit. Performance is critical, but so is finding the right fit for your organization. We examine your culture to understand what makes it tick and how your employees connect to it.

Messaging. With insight into your workforce and culture, we review your existing messaging to ensure you are effectively promoting your greatest differentiators and appealing to your target job seeker. If your current messaging isn't hitting the mark, we advise you on how to up its "selling" factor.

Make your employment brand stand out.

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