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Analytics-Based Hiring

Harness the power of predictive analytics to quickly and efficiently identify candidates with the talent to drive business performance.

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Gallup helps your organization make better hiring decisions. We have an unparalleled, research-based understanding of what defines excellence in nearly every imaginable role, from sales manager to engineer to CEO. This understanding translates into powerful assessments that identify individuals' talents and differentiate high performers from average or below-average performers in a role. With every hire, you decrease performance variance.

We focus on making the assessment process easy for you through streamlined implementation, simplified reports and expert feedback. Our assessments integrate with all systems.

And unlike other companies that merely offer assessments -- and not much else -- Gallup gives you more than just an interview. We provide support and strategy before and after the interview. And we work with you to attract the right candidates, align your workforce and streamline the hiring experience.

70+ years of employee selection experience

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Organizations that select the top 20% of candidates from our assessments have been found to achieve 30% higher profitability.

Assessments conducted in more than 60 countries and more than 30 languages

Put the right people in the right roles.

Create an exceptional candidate experience.

Gallup helps you leverage essential components of your human capital strategy to ensure you attract and hire your ideal candidate.

Attraction. Gallup partners with you to create and communicate an employment brand and employee value proposition that draw targeted job candidates to you with an understanding of your culture and how they would fit in.

Alignment. Gallup uses predictive analytics to help you scientifically define excellence in a role and pinpoint candidates who meet that criteria. We work with you to create a dedicated strategy for helping leaders and human resources staff understand and support this framework.

Assessments. We identify the best candidates for your roles using scientifically validated and legally sound assessments. Depending on the needs of your role, we offer standard and custom assessments conducted online and over the telephone.

Hiring. Once an assessment is complete, a Gallup talent analyst reviews the results with your hiring manager to ensure they understand the candidate's talent profile. The talent analyst also prepares the hiring manager for a successful in-person interview.


Find the right people to fill your critical roles.

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