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Achieve Next-Generation Performance Management

Process Redesign

Meet the needs of today's workforce by developing, implementing and sustaining a more effective performance management process.

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Gallup helps you develop, implement and sustain a more effective performance process using data-driven strategies and easy-to-use tools.

We create clarity by uncovering and aligning the greatest strengths and opportunities in your current approach. You gain an immediate understanding of where to set priorities and how to focus your implementation strategy.

We then partner with you to streamline and simplify implementation, while ensuring you realize a greater return on your investment. We never lose sight of the sustainability factor in your change initiative.

We recommend and help you execute learning and development paths, analytics checkpoints, and other activities so your performance management process can continually do what it's supposed to do -- equip, inspire and improve performance.

50% of employees clearly know what is expected of them at work.

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14% of employees strongly agree their performance review inspires them to improve.

26% of employees strongly agree their performance reviews are accurate.

Build a better blueprint for performance management.

Solutions at full scale or your scale.

Gallup factors your organization's objectives, size and structure into your process redesign. We can help you create an end-to-end process or focus on your most urgent needs.

Leadership alignment and visioning. We guide your leaders in setting and agreeing on a vision for performance management and the processes that best support your organization.

Current state analysis. Gallup experts apply robust qualitative and quantitative diagnostic methods to aid in designing, implementing and sustaining a redesigned performance management process.

Process redesign mapping. We model your current performance process and other relevant people-related processes to identify opportunities for efficiency gains and to reveal other considerations in your new performance management approach.

Manager development and support. Gallup aids you in creating materials to support the implementation of your new performance management process. This support includes giving managers the resources, tools and education they need to successfully work within the new system.

Take the next step in reshaping your performance management process.

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