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Advance Workforce Analytics

Partner with the world's leading expert in research and analytics to make radical discoveries about your workforce and connect those discoveries directly to your growth strategies.

The Challenge

Pointing data at performance.

What does your data tell you?

For many organizations, their employee or human resources data tell them what happened but not why it happened or what will happen next. They only get part of the story.

Organizations turn data into a competitive advantage when they can leverage it to describe, diagnose and predict performance. Yet, this need often represents a huge burden for human resources departments. They are typically not set up to analyze complex business challenges or link their findings to improved business outcomes. They have plenty of data but are unsure how to leverage it for greater ROI.

Our Approach

Empower data-driven decision-making.

Gallup helps you get the whole story. We use advanced analytics to uncover the underlying or root causes of your organization's greatest challenges. Our work enables you to move past guesswork and gut feelings and pinpoint your strengths and opportunities.

Our approach focuses on the right data, right analysis and right culture. We combine your HR and organizational data, Gallup's proprietary data, and open-source data to account for what's going on in your business and larger workforce trends. That intelligence informs our forward-looking analysis and helps you take your people strategies from reactive to proactive.

You get a true partner with Gallup. We position you to be "data ready" and create a culture that supports data-driven decision-making. We ensure that you can act on our analysis and recommendations by putting the right people and processes in place. Employees learn how to interpret and apply data and align discoveries with organizational priorities and business outcomes.

Our Solutions

Leverage gold-standard research and analytics.

Over the course of 70-plus years, Gallup has mastered the art of predicting and understanding workplace performance. We bring simplicity to even the most complex HR analytics projects so you can clearly understand what steps to take next. We don't just give you facts and figures -- we help you uncover meaningful insights and turn those insights into impact to improve your organization

Here are just a few examples of the challenges we've helped organizations solve through analytics and advice:

Make your data work for you.

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