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Your Greatest Differentiator Is Your Talent

Your business runs on talent. Gallup's business is to optimize talent.

The professional services industry is unique because it is the only industry where customer value is solely dependent on talent. Protect, develop and equip your only true differentiator, talent.

Start Now about not settling for a one-size-fits-all approach, especially when it comes to understanding and managing talent -- your greatest differentiator.

As the workplace continues to evolve, professional services organizations face unique challenges such as:

Two coworkers shake hands across boardroom table.

Increased Consolidation

A female employee writes on a graph-covered whiteboard

Slow Organic Growth

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Agility and Expertise

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Digital Disruption

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Mounting Client Expectations

As offerings become more commoditized and increased consolidation leads to a greater brand focus, real-life, actionable analytics and advice are necessary to maximize people performance.


Protecting, developing and equipping your talent originates in three specific areas of your business:

Customer intelligence, talent development and consultative selling

These three components encompass hidden opportunities to improve critical outcomes related to account growth, account retention and resource utilization -- and, therefore, are Gallup's primary sources for innovation and problem resolution.

Differentiated Customer Intelligence

of business customers are ready to take their business elsewhere

In professional services organizations, 69% of customers are not fully engaged. Because Gallup data show that customer decision-making is primarily emotional and not rational, it's vital that you move past standard market research and begin to operate from advanced analytics. Get the kind of intelligence that builds indestructible relationships for the long term to maximize retention, growth and impact.
Accelerated Talent Development

of global employees are not engaged or are actively disengaged at work

Businesses can't grow without their best talent always getting better. Managers make the biggest difference, so developing your managers should be one of two strategic priorities. The second is optimizing your employee experience to accelerate development and performance. Globally, 85% of employees are underutilized -- not engaged or actively disengaged -- at work. A clearly defined, exceptional employee experience leads to the rapid development of your talent, delivers on your employee value proposition and attracts top talent. And this, in turn, results in increased productivity, profitability and sales and decreased turnover and absenteeism.
Unparalleled Consultative Selling

higher profitability is found among engaged talent

Your talent is always selling -- whether intentionally or not. Every individual has their own way to sell. Strengths-based selling has proven to be the most effective consultative selling approach, producing 23% higher profitability, on average. Further, strengths-based selling leads to increased sales, higher customer ratings and lower attrition. Encourage intentional, individualized, ongoing consultative selling to increase revenue growth.
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Your business is different. Don't settle for a one-size-fits-all approach, especially when it comes to understanding and managing talent -- your greatest differentiator.

Learn more about your people through research-based insights and long-lasting support from the people experts at Gallup.

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