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The 2020 Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award Recipients

The 2020 Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award Recipients

The 2020 Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award recipients are:

  • ABC Supply (14-time winner)
  • Adena Health System (five-time winner)
  • Alliant Credit Union (five-time winner)
  • American Electric Power
  • Atria Convergence Technologies Limited (three-time winner)
  • Bio Ritmo (two-time winner)
  • Catholic Charities Fort Worth
  • Cedar Valley Hospice
  • City of Centennial, CO (four-time winner)
  • DTE Energy (eight-time winner)
  • Experitec, Inc. (two-time winner)
  • FamilySearch (two-time winner)
  • Foster Group (three-time winner)
  • Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools (four-time winner)
  • Hawai'i Pacific Health (eight-time winner)
  • Hendrick Health System (14-time winner)
  • Hueman People Solutions (three-time winner)
  • Indus Towers (seven-time winner)
  • Jollibee Foods Corporation
  • KinderCare Education (four-time winner)
  • Kootenai Health (four-time winner)
  • Mars Incorporated (11-time winner)
  • Mary Lanning Healthcare (six-time winner)
  • Nationwide Insurance (eight-time winner)
  • NFU Mutual (five-time winner)
  • Northwest Farm Credit Services (four-time winner)
  • OHM Advisors (two-time winner)
  • Pan Pacific Hotels & Resorts Pte Ltd
  • Phelps Memorial Health Center
  • Regions Bank (six-time winner)
  • Self Regional Healthcare (13-time winner)
  • SentryOne (two-time winner)
  • Stryker (13-time winner)
  • Talent (two-time winner)
  • TCI Wealth Advisors
  • The Palace Group (three-time winner)
  • White Lodging (three-time winner)
  • Z-Medica, LLC

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