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Don Clifton Strengths-Based Culture Award

Don Clifton's legacy is built on his mission to study "what's right with people." In this spirit, we introduce the Don Clifton Strengths-Based Culture Award. This award recognizes organizations with workplace cultures that put the strengths of leaders, managers and employees at the core of how they work every day.

These organizations drive performance by helping employees focus on what they do best, maximizing the potential within teams, and integrating strengths-based development into their mission, vision, and values.

Award Recipients

Accenture Logo


The global professional services company Accenture was determined to reimagine performance management in a way that would enable its more than 500,000 employees to have a personalized experience, grow talent and reach higher levels of performance. The goal was to provide a way for employees to receive coaching and development based on their CliftonStrengths and to give a framework for aiming their greatest talents toward accomplishing key priorities.

Accenture rolled out a Performance Achievement initiative that wove a strengths-based approach into meaningful performance conversations and development. The organization built a culture of coaching and strengths-based feedback centered around continuous feedback and enabled by a global network of approximately 300 strengths coaches. Since the launch of Performance Achievement and strengths-based feedback, more than 490,000 Accenture employees have completed the CliftonStrengths assessment and more than 360,000 Accenture employees have participated in a Q12 team engagement survey.

C6 Logo


C6 is a new online bank based in Brazil. The company's leadership wanted to set performance goals based on talent and strengths from day one with the goal to keep its very diverse workforce motivated. Partnering with Gallup, C6 has not only engaged employees, but helped employees understand how to apply their strengths everywhere. C6 has more than doubled in size to nearly 1,000 employees in two years, all of whom have taken the CliftonStrengths assessment. Every feedback conversation and manager's interaction with their team is based on talent and focused on engagement. Strengths are embedded in the culture through a focus on individual coaching sessions and awareness of strengths. Each employee gets access to their individual reports and laptop stickers with their Top 5 CliftonStrengths inspired by the periodic table of elements, just like the bank's name. Talent is taken very seriously in a culture that challenges employees to be great every day as the bank continues to grow.

Hologic Logo


Creating a workplace where employees feel valued for their work and respected for their contribution, Hologic strives to build a sustainable culture through its diverse workforce. Commitment to engaging employees, hiring for innate talent, and focusing on individual strengths is the foundation that allows Hologic to make a true difference in women's health. Hologic's strengths-based approach has unleashed a culture of high performance through which leaders and employees are aligned to build and sustain the future of the organization.

Strengths is a common language for the entire organization -- from leaders to front-line employees. Employees have the opportunity to receive strengths coaching, participate in team strengths sessions, and incorporate strengths into their regular goal-setting meetings. Strengths is a driving force in aiming performance goals, but it is also readily used throughout advertising, within the employee value proposition and on the website. Hologic knows that the only way to continue to grow and have an impact on healthier lives is to have engaged employees give their best every day.

Mary Lanning Healthcare Logo

Mary Lanning Healthcare

Mary Lanning Healthcare -- dedicated to excellence; offering hope, health, and healing -- had the goal of maintaining high levels of engagement for its 1,200 employees and wanted to invest in individual development to retain high performers. The Nebraska-based organization began implementing strengths coaching in 2018, starting with the leadership team of the board, executive management and directors. The leadership team then implemented strengths coaching for their direct report teams throughout the organization. Next, the leadership team revamped its performance management system to include Gallup's 5 Coaching Conversations and direct goal setting based on individuals' strengths. Soon thereafter, CliftonStrengths became a common language among employees and today serves as a mediation tool between departments and managers. Additionally, the board used a team strengths development session to understand how they could work better with the executive team. As a result of their commitment, strengths-based development has been a measurable and positive influence for the leaders, managers and employees throughout the organization. However, most importantly, it has helped Mary Lanning better serve their patients with hope, health and healing.

Northwest Farm Credit Services Logo

Northwest Farm Credit Services

Northwest Farm Credit Services (Northwest FCS) is a financial cooperative providing financing and related services to farmers, ranchers, agribusinesses, commercial fishermen, timber producers, rural homeowners and crop insurance customers in Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Washington and Alaska. The organization started its CliftonStrengths journey four years ago with the goal of improving the employee engagement item "do what I do best" by helping all employees understand their strengths and how leaders can take a strengths-based approach for high performance.

Northwest FCS started with five Gallup-Certified Strengths coaches and now has 14 certified coaches. All new employees take the CliftonStrengths assessment as part of their onboarding process and receive coaching. All current employees have been offered a strengths coaching session as well. Northwest FCS also offers strengths training and coaching to the Board of Directors to ensure they understand the importance of strengths and how best to work together for the betterment of the organization. With strong engagement and a focus on strengths, profitability and return to customers (patronage dividends) have increased over the years since the partnership with Gallup began.

Stryker Logo


Growing talent has always been a part of Stryker's DNA. To deliver on its mission every day, this global medical technology company is driven by a set of values that includes helping its approximately 40,000 employees discover their strengths and follow their passions. From hiring to development, talent is woven into the fabric of Stryker's organizational culture.

Stryker has incorporated strengths into its leader, manager and employee development programs. Those who complete the CliftonStrengths assessment receive coaching from either a Gallup coach or one of Stryker's nearly 250 Gallup-Certified Strengths Coaches. Additionally, strengths coaches facilitate team strengths sessions. People and culture are foundational to the company's success. When people can do what they do best, they look forward to coming to work and, in turn, will deliver great business results.

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