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The Powerful Relationship Between Employee Engagement and Team Performance

Discover how highly engaged teams outperform the rest in 11 business outcomes -- based on the world's largest study of employee engagement and performance.

The No. 1 imperative of leaders today is unlocking the potential of their employees.

To achieve organic growth and persevere through disruption, organizations need more than sufficient work -- they need exceptional performance. And they get it by engaging their employees.

Read highlights of Gallup's latest research on the powerful relationship between employee engagement and team performance, based on its meta-analysis of more than 100,000 teams.

Download this brief to learn:

  • the effect of highly engaged teams on 11 business outcomes, including productivity, turnover and profitability
  • why Gallup's study of engagement and performance is the most thorough in the world
  • if employee engagement makes a bigger difference in good or bad economic times

Download the full meta-analysis report here.

Report cover for Gallup’s Perspective on How to Align Your Employee Compensation and Talent Management Strategies, featuring a manager working on a project with his team

Gallup's 10th employee engagement meta-analysis includes:

business units or teams



Learn why employee engagement should be a top priority for your workplace.

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