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Download Gallup's Approach to Culture: Building a Culture That Drives Performance.


Download Gallup's Perspective Paper on Building a Culture That Drives Performance

Learn how to build a culture that enhances your brand, improves business results and fulfills your organization's purpose.

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Discover how to deliver on your brand promise in a genuine and powerful way.

When leaders and managers create a clear, consistent, aligned culture that inspires high commitment, employees believe in and live out the organization's purpose in their daily work.

As a result, the business' overall health improves.

To gain the benefits of a strong culture, leaders must correctly identify, measure and regularly monitor both their organization's culture and its relationship to their most important performance metrics.

Download Gallup's culture perspective paper to learn:

  • the five drivers of culture
  • how culture attracts world-class talent, creates alignment and affects performance
  • why it is essential to create and sustain a purpose, brand and culture that are clearly understood, consistently executed, effectively aligned and fully supported

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