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Download Gallup's Perspective Paper on the Top Challenges and Perks of Managers

Learn what it's really like to be a manager today and how to improve the role so every employee can benefit.

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Create an exceptional experience for managers so they can effectively inspire and guide their teams.

Managers are the heart of your organization. Their actions and communication greatly influence how everyone else feels about your workplace.

The manager experience is complicated and dynamic, filled with opportunities but also frequent pitfalls. When companies understand what causes managers stress -- and what motivates them -- they can transform every employee's experience at their company.

Download Gallup's manager experience perspective paper to learn:

  • why the manager experience matters and how it affects every employee
  • the challenges and perks of being a manager, based on surveys, interviews and focus groups with over 50,000 managers
  • six ways to create a better work experience for your managers

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