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Real Unemployment 9.7% -
Gallup Good Jobs 46.1% +0.1
Engaged at Work 32.4% -0.2
Economic Confidence -16 +1
Consumer Spending $82 +9
Obama Approval 50% -
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Recognizing good work is a powerful, cost-effective method of improving organizational performance -- yet it is underused.

by Frank Newport

In dueling speeches this week, both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton talked about several of the key issues the public has identified as most important to them -- including the economy and jobs, infrastructure and the failure of the "system" to work as it should.

71% of Millennials Are Either Not Engaged or Actively Disengaged at Work

Americans' support for the idea of giving President Franklin Roosevelt a third term evolved between 1939 and 1940 as conflict in Europe mounted, leading to World War II.

Most employees don't feel pressure to donate money at work -- nor do they choose to support causes just because their employers do.

In July 1951, George Gallup reported that "Long-suffering males who feel they ought to wear coats in summertime in the presence of women are in for some good news."

Mission matters most in donation decisions, and donors want to know exactly where their money goes.

by Jim Clifton

There are 7 billion people in the world. Imagine if all 7 billion received coaching to maximize their potential this week. It would change how humans develop.

Articles providing context for the 2016 presidential election

by Frank Newport

Most Americans would support new laws requiring universal background checks for gun purchases in the U.S. A majority also believe that more Americans owning and carrying guns would be effective in preventing situations like the Orlando mass shooting.

By focusing on job creation through small-business startups, the EU can make its annual €21 billion bailout of unemployed young adults a success.

Millennials are the least-engaged generation of consumers. Brands are not delivering on this group's ideal customer experience.

Nearly seven decades of Gallup trends find unequivocal public support for eliminating the Electoral College system for electing U.S. presidents and replacing it with a direct popular vote.

Most Americans give to charity, but fully engaged donors are twice as likely to plan to increase their funding over the next year.

by Frank Newport

Before the Orlando shootings, Americans indicated that military actions against the Islamic State would be among the most effective ways to fight terrorism and that restrictions on Muslims would be among the least effective.

The 1939 World's Fair in New York contained a variety of popular exhibits, the most liked of which was Futurama, a forward-looking attraction that envisioned the America of 1960.