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Real Unemployment 9.7% -0.1
Gallup Good Jobs 45.4% -
Engaged at Work 31.1% -0.4
Economic Confidence -10 +2
Consumer Spending $109 +15
Obama Approval 53% +1
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Gallup's latest meta-analysis on the relationship between team engagement and performance covers more than 82,000 teams globally.

by Frank Newport

Race, ethnicity, gender and marital status are among the most powerful demographic differentiators in views of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

71% of Millennials Are Either Not Engaged or Actively Disengaged at Work

In the weeks after the U.S. dropped nuclear bombs on Japan, effectively ending World War II, most Americans thought the development of the atomic bomb was a good thing. But when Gallup last measured this, in 1998, attitudes were nearly reversed.

U.S. Approval Strong Among Key Allies, but a Record-Worst 1% in Russia

Millennials also are more likely than other generations to go online and compare prices.

Millennials are spending more than they were a year ago on leisure activities, creating an opportunity for marketers.

No company can put a price tag on safety. Engaging employees and creating a culture focused on safety reduces accidents.

Articles providing context for the 2016 presidential election

Fifty years ago, in March 1966, 47% of Americans described themselves as hawks on the Vietnam War -- wanting to step up the fighting -- while 26% described themselves as doves, wanting to slow it down.

by Frank Newport

The American public has not formed firm opinions on the issue of policies or laws surrounding transgender individuals' use of bathroom facilities, and the polling evidence that does exist at this point is mixed.

Gallup recognized organizations that go above and beyond in their commitment to and advancement of employee-centric performance excellence. These organizations demonstrate excellence in specific areas of employee engagement.

by Jim Clifton

Change is coming one way or another to American universities. They have to decide whether they want to lead the change or become the next victims of disruption.

Millennials are the generation in the workplace most likely to look for and change jobs. What do they want from an employer?

The best business-to-business relationships Gallup has studied feature deep partnerships between B2Bs and their clients.

Almost six in 10 Americans familiar with President Harry Truman's proposal for a government-sponsored, single-payer-style health insurance system in 1945 said they favored it. By 1949, support had fallen to 38%, and by 1950, to 24%.