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Real Unemployment 8.9% -0.3
Gallup Good Jobs 44.9% -0.1
Engaged at Work 31.2% +0.5
Economic Confidence 5 -2
Consumer Spending $92 -5
Trump Approval 43% +3
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Saturday marks 25 years since the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles. Americans at the time faulted both the riots and the verdict that sparked them.

by Frank Newport

Donald Trump's policy proposals and actions over his first 100 days in office have a mixed relationship to American public opinion.

by Frank Newport

The American public has little interest in building a wall along the southern U.S. border and rates it one of the least important things the president could do at this point.

by Jim Harter

Two forces have disrupted what is traditionally called "performance management" -- changing it to "performance development."

by Jim Clifton

Great cultures are loaded with star team leaders who create new customers.

Long before Amazon made shopping at big-box stores and malls seem old fashioned, "chain stores" were the disruptive force in American commerce.

by Ryan Pendell

Employee engagement among workers who identified as Democrats fell after the election, but has now returned to where it was.

by Ella Washington and Frank Newport

The majority of workers say their companies have communicated about diversity and inclusion issues since the November election.

Many talented employees are open to new job opportunities. Companies are doing a poor job of wooing them.

by Ed O'Boyle

It's important for business leaders to understand why so many people rallied to the passenger's side.

by Ed O'Boyle and Jim Harter

Winners of Gallup's Great Workplace Award, now in its 11th year, achieve performance excellence through their cultures of engagement.

51% of employees are actively looking for a new job or watching for new job openings.

by Jim Clifton and John Hope Bryant

Are students getting the opportunity to match their aspirations with the experience they need to boom America's economy?

43% of students agree that their school offers classes in how to start and run a business

Merely measuring workers' contentment and catering to their wants often fails to improve business outcomes.