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Real Unemployment 9.8% +0.1
Gallup Good Jobs 45.2% +0.2
Engaged at Work 30.3% -
Economic Confidence -13 +2
Consumer Spending $89 -9
Obama Approval 51% -1
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61% of parents say teachers rarely or never discuss their child's assessment results with them

How Millennials Want to Work and Live
May 10-12 — Omaha, Nebraska

Articles providing context for the 2016 presidential election

by Brandon Busteed and Jonathan Rodkin

The majority of small-business owners do not feel the presidential candidates are discussing issues of importance to them. Owners are paying close attention to the election, and half feel the outcome of the election will have a major impact on their business.

By Valerie Calderon

Schools can be incubators for future business builders.

by Frank Newport

Ted Cruz's choice of Carly Fiorina as his running mate might help his ticket in a November matchup with Hillary Clinton, but the benefit it brings him in the primary is unclear. Cruz's current challenge is among men, not women.

72% of the World Smiled Yesterday

In 1965, most U.S. Catholics who knew the Catholic Church's views on the issue said they believed the church would eventually approve of some kind of birth control. A substantial majority of this group said the change would happen relatively quickly.

70% of U.S. Workers Not Engaged at Work

For B2B companies, striving to become a "customer of choice" for their suppliers is essential to engaging their own customers.

by Frank Newport

Republicans' views of Ted Cruz are now at a new low, with 39% viewing him favorably and 45% unfavorably. This reflects a steep slide in his image over the last couple of weeks. Donald Trump's image is up to +24 among Republicans.

Half of U.S. College Grads Agree Their Education Was Worth the Cost