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Business Journal

Zappos -- which touted its manager-free "holacracy" system -- might be learning that engaged employees do need great managers.


71% of B2B Customers Aren't Engaged

Guide to Customer Centricity: Analytics and Advice for B2B Leaders

by Brandon Busteed

President Barack Obama's new $4 billion Computer Science for All initiative addresses a significant problem uncovered in a recent study Google and Gallup conducted.

Business Journal

Though four in 10 report carrying no consumer debt, Gen Xers -- followed by millennials -- carry considerable debt.

Polling Matters
by Frank Newport

Although politically very different, presidential candidates Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders have both campaigned on the same contention that government in Washington is not working, something largely in tune with Americans' attitudes.

by Bryant Ott

Parents can shape a better future for their children by embracing their kids' individuality and helping them develop their talents into strengths, says Gallup's new book Strengths Based Parenting.

Business Journal

Gallup has identified the most common barriers business-to-business companies face in maximizing their customer relationships.


70% of U.S. Workers Not Engaged at Work

State of the American Workplace

The Chairman's Blog
by Andrew Dugan

Long the underdog candidate in the Democratic presidential nomination contest, Democratic adults who know Bernie Sanders now like him better than Hillary Clinton. Sanders has a net favorable score of +53, compared with Clinton's +49.