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No updates March 28. Next update March 29.
Monthly Real Unemployment 8.6% -
Weekly Engaged at Work 32.9% +0.9
Weekly Economic Confidence 8 +1
Daily Trump Approval 36% -
Trump approval updates daily at 1 p.m. ET. Weekly metrics update Monday at 1 p.m. ET. Reflects change since last measurement.
by Larry Emond

Some companies have massively boosted their number of engaged employees, while others have not. Find out what makes the difference.

Employed Americans are not particularly worried about their jobs becoming obsolete because of technology. They worry most about having their benefits cut.

by Frank Newport

President Trump's job approval rating is at 34% for the three-day period from Friday through Sunday -- by one point the lowest of his administration so far.

Fifty years ago this summer, Gallup asked Americans how concerned they were about racial strife.

Worldwide, where are people getting mugged?

by Zacc Ritter and Dato Tsabutashvili

Daily stress and worry among Hispanics rose after Trump's election. These increased rates were greater for Hispanics interviewed in Spanish compared with Hispanics interviewed in English.

by Brandon Busteed

Top institutions have led an arms race of extensive new facilities, substantial growth in administrative staff, and an expansion of postgraduate degrees and programs -- with skyrocketing tuition. This is unsustainable.

Fewer than one in 10 Americans routinely shop for groceries online, whereas the vast majority shop weekly at grocery and other retail stores.

A study on children's free time — how it is spent, prioritized and valued

by Frank Newport and Andrew Dugan

Republicans and Democrats have increasingly different views on many policy and social issues, but on several, the party gap has not changed or has even narrowed.

by Valerie J. Calderon and Jeffrey M. Jones

Four in 10 chief business officers are concerned about the financial stability of their institution in the next five years.