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Create Your Future With Advanced Analytics

With our unique solutions, you don't just predict the future of your company. You create it.

When you partner with us, our experts help you make better decisions using our data, your data or open-source data. We work with you to create a culture that promotes data-driven decisions.

The Gallup Advanced Analytics Experience

The Right Data

Identify and sort the most valuable data -- yours or ours -- to solve pressing problems.

The Right Analysis

Work with experts who address your unique concerns through advanced data analysis.

The Right Culture

Combine data with your employees' expertise to improve how they make decisions.

Client Successes

See dramatic growth when you use data to make decisions.

Our clients see huge improvements in sales, predictive accuracy and client relationships as a result of our partnership.

You can benefit from our expertise in working with clients across a wide range of industries and company sizes.

Greater accuracy using Gallup's demand prediction model

Increase in sales of a new product with Gallup's powerful predictive analysis

20 Percentile-point increase in confidence in our client, as reported by its customers

Featured Service

B2B Companies Are Struggling to Grow

How do you sort through all the data, strengthen your customer relationships and make the best decisions for your business?

Gallup can help.

Our Solutions

We have the combination of solutions to fit your needs, from automated technology to one of our core consulting offerings or completely custom problem-solving.

Custom Solutions

Address a pressing problem with a customized analytics solution.

Citizen Analytics

Since 1935, Gallup's U.S. Daily tracking and World Poll have formed the basis of key citizen analytics across the globe.

Customer Analytics

Know what your customers are thinking -- and deliver what they want.

Workforce Analytics

Better understand your employee population to create an exceptional workplace.

Gallup Analytics

Subscribe for continuous access to nearly a century of primary data.

Learn more about Gallup Analytics.

B2B Analytics

Find growth opportunities among your B2B clients.


About Us

Pressing problems, solved.

Gallup's strength is understanding people and what matters most to them in their job and their life. That strength allows us to create transformation in the workplace and marketplace. Through the study of human nature, we change the world a little to a lot every day.