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Official statistics for global wellbeing

Wellbeing is a vital indicator of a nation's economic and social development. Gallup helps global organizations measure and track progress toward happy, thriving societies.

A Better Benchmark for Societal Health

World Happiness Report

Gallup's global research powers the World Happiness Report, a groundbreaking benchmark from the United Nations' Sustainable Development Solutions Network. Using the Gallup World Poll, Gallup measures life satisfaction ratings and emotional wellbeing and captures the important context that GDP does not explain: how people feel about their lives and what's happening in them.

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How to Measure a Country's Happiness

Beyond GDP: Measuring Happiness for Better Lives

Before Brexit, the Arab uprisings and the Euromaidan revolution, people's level of life satisfaction was tanking. They were ready for change -- but nobody would know it looking at GDP alone.

World leaders, including those in countries like Germany and New Zealand, are now recognizing the limitations of GDP. They realize how important improving and sustaining high wellbeing is to the health and economy of the people and nations they lead.

That importance is why Gallup measures multiple dimensions of wellbeing to capture people's day-to-day emotional states -- such as enjoyment, stress or anger -- as well as their satisfaction with their lives.

How We Measure and What We Can Learn

Life Evaluation Index

Gallup asks people to imagine a ladder, with the lowest rung representing the worst possible life and the highest rung representing the best possible life. People rate where they stand today and where they expect to stand in five years. Based on how they respond, Gallup classifies them as thriving, struggling or suffering.

Emotional Wellbeing

Think about how you felt yesterday. Did you smile or laugh a lot? Did you learn or do something interesting? Were you angry? Sad? Gallup asks these questions in more than 140 countries and areas and determines the world's hot spots of negative and positive emotions.

Life Ratings: Brexit

Life ratings were down in the U.K. in the years leading up to the Brexit vote.

Life Ratings: Arab Uprisings

Egyptians' ratings of their lives trended downward ahead of unrest in the Arab uprisings.

Life Ratings: Euromaidan Revolution

Ukrainians' ratings of their lives trended down in the years leading up to the Euromaidan revolution.

Gallup Global Emotions report cover

Global Emotions Report

Gallup's measurement of day-to-day emotional states, released annually through the Global Emotions Report, captures the trends of hope -- or despair -- that people are feeling. The report provides the most valuable intelligence for global leaders to monitor the emotional temperatures of the people they lead. Download the latest or browse past reports.

Data Interactive

What Is the World's Emotional Temperature?

See how you and your country compare with the rest of the planet on 10 positive and negative experiences.

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Data for a Better World and Higher
Life Satisfaction

Gallup's global statistics and metrics find the parameters of the challenges facing humankind and track progress toward change.

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