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World Poll

Global Leadership Approval Center

How the balance of power looks through the world's eyes

Since 2005, Gallup has used the World Poll to track how people around the globe view the job performance of the leadership of some of the biggest players on the world stage — the U.S., Germany, China and Russia.

Tracking Global Leadership

U.S. Leadership Approval Stable Heading Into Election

Approval ratings of U.S. leadership remained stable during the Biden administration's third year — and relatively strong compared to China and Russia.

How Does Gallup Measure LeadershipApproval?

Gallup tracks leadership approval ratings using the Gallup World Poll — the world’s most comprehensive and farthest-reaching survey.

Gallup annually tracks key societal progress indicators, including standard of living, satisfaction with the quality of education and the availability of quality healthcare, economic opportunity, and wellbeing, among other indicators.

We also work with strategic partners to understand the world’s most pressing problems. See the latest findings from our independent research and the discoveries made possible through our partnerships.

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