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What the balance of power looks like through the world's eyes

In the Information Age, power isn't only determined by whose army wins, but also by whose story wins. Soft power -- the ability to affect others to get what you want without paying them or using force -- depends on people's perceptions.

Since 2005, Gallup has been tracking the entire world's perceptions of the job performance of the leadership of some of the biggest players on the global stage -- the U.S., Germany, China and Russia.

Each year, Gallup releases the Rating World Leaders report, which details the rise -- or fall -- in the job approval ratings of the world's leading powers in more than 130 countries and areas, where the biggest gains and losses came from and how each country stacks up in different parts of the globe.

Tracking Global Leadership

Where Is the U.S. Winning and Losing?

Discover the countries where the image of the U.S. is losing or gaining public favor year over year. Each year, Gallup measures approval ratings of leadership in more than 130 countries and areas.

Map showing countries and their losing or gaining of public favor compares to the previous year.

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