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Deliver Meaningful Impact With Our Public Sector Solutions

The most important public-minded organizations around the globe work with us because we can uncover data that no one else can.

But that's not what makes us trusted, strategic partners.

We go beyond data collection to help our partners deliver meaningful social impact as we work together to solve the world's most pressing problems.

Learn how Gallup's public sector division helps leaders like you in governments, NGOs, foundations, nonprofit organizations and educational institutions create lasting, positive impact across the globe.

Data Components of Our Public Sector Solutions

We distill data from multiple sources.

Gallup has an 80-year history of building, preparing and analyzing data sets of all kinds. Our analysts start by doing an audit of the data corpus -- working with Gallup proprietary data, our clients' own data and open-source data -- to pinpoint the information that will get you results.

Custom Data Features of Our Public Sector Solutions

Research anything imaginable using customized data collection.

A unique challenge requires a unique data set, and we'll collect it on your behalf. We conduct nearly 10 million surveys and countless qualitative research studies annually, and we can tailor our approach to discover exactly what you need to know.

Citizen Analytics

Understand citizens across the U.S. and the world.

Through 100 core metrics, the Gallup World Poll tracks the opinions that matter most to your organization. Join groups like the Sustainable Development Solutions Network, a global initiative for the United Nations, that use the Gallup World Poll to create global goals and understand what the world's 7 billion+ citizens think, feel and desire.

Gallup's U.S. poll is the only one of its kind. We gather the opinions of a representative sample of the U.S. population; you get insight into proven predictors of behavior.

Gallup Panel

Ask your target demographics what they think.

The Gallup Panel gives you fast, cost-effective access to more than 100,000 randomly selected people representing the entire U.S. population. If you quickly need the opinions of a sample representing your target audience, the Gallup Panel delivers.

Gallup Analytics

Subscribe to nearly a century of primary data.

Gallup Analytics is the searchable database comprising new and historical data from sources including the World Poll and U.S. Daily tracking. A subscription lets you search, examine, compare and export information on topics that have major implications for your business, like the economy or consumer economic confidence.

Learn More about a Gallup Analytics subscription.

Learn how we can help you make a lasting impact.

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