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The Right Analysis

Our expertise in understanding human behavior sets us apart.

That intelligence helps with everything from improving the performance of individuals and teams in the workplace to figuring out the best way to launch a new product or understanding the health of a nation.

Learn how we pull it off.

What Makes Us Different

More than machine learning: automation in partnership with human analysis

Proactive vs. Reactive

Don't waste time talking about the past. Gallup's approach empowers you to play offense by asking whether a) there is a clear, feasible path to success and b) you are taking steps to capture and benefit from your opportunities. Get ahead of potential problems to win.

Predictive vs. Descriptive

Descriptive analytics works by telling you what happened and why it happened. That's good to know, but wouldn't you also like to know what's likely to happen and how you can influence the outcome? We can give you the forward-looking view through machine learning in combination with human analysis.

Behavioral vs. Rational

Anyone can measure rational customer satisfaction, which accounts for 30% of business outcomes. The behavioral factors that account for the other 70% are complicated -- because people are complicated. But Gallup uses the partnership of human efforts and automated power to simplify the complications for you.

What We Do

No two solutions the same

Each client brings us a unique puzzle, so it wouldn't make sense to offer a finite number of solutions. When you work with Gallup, we develop an analysis approach that fits your specific circumstances and leads to the results you're looking for.

Here is a sample of our offerings. Get in touch to learn how we can create a customized solution for you.

Forecasting & Predictive Analysis

We leverage machine learning and advanced statistical techniques to identify causal factors within complex data sets that predict future trends and behaviors.

Scenario Modeling & Simulation

We apply our subject matter expertise in human behavior and decision-making to model likely outcomes across a range of potential courses of action.

Semantic Analysis

We extract meaning from large bodies of unstructured textual data to gain a deep understanding of the issues underlying data-driven decisions.

Social Network Analysis

We investigate social structures to decode the complex forces that shape behavior and information flows.

Discover the best way forward.

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