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Advanced Analytics

Foster Loyal Customers

Connect your customers to your brand by delivering what they want.

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Better understand your customers to create emotional connections and drive loyalty and long-term profits.

George, Gallup’s self-service survey and reporting engine

We offer a comprehensive perspective on customer engagement.

Fully engaged customers are 23% more likely than average customers to spend with you.

Customer engagement forms the foundation of our customer analytics work because it is one of the best predictors of customer outcomes.

We determine whether customers believe:

  1. Your company always delivers on what you promise.
  2. They are proud to be your customer.
  3. Your company is the perfect company for them.

Gallup has helped the world's most customer-oriented B2B and B2C companies discover what drives engagement and has advised them on how to make changes accordingly.

We'll partner with you to define and create the optimal customer experience.

How Millennials Want to Work and Live Abridged Report

Based on more than 25 studies, Gallup's extensive report provides an in-depth look at what defines the millennial generation as people, employees and consumers.

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State of the American Consumer

Through extensive research on today's marketplace, this report provides business leaders with an in-depth look at the attitudes, behaviors, wants and needs of changing consumers.

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B2B Guide

This guide serves as a definitive road map to help B2B companies understand how to listen to -- and act on -- the voice of the customer.

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Grow your customer relationships, grow your business.

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