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Universities and Colleges
Using Gallup Analytics

The institutions listed below provide students, faculty and staff with access to the Gallup Analytics portal through the institution's library. You will need to access Gallup Analytics using links provided on the library resource pages. Please note: You will need to be on the campus network or use VPN to access the portal.

If your institution isn't listed and you need data for your research, contact us to learn more about our tiered subscription options.

The following institutions provide campuswide access to Gallup Analytics.

In addition to the Gallup Analytics portal, these institutions have user licenses to microdata from the World Poll and U.S. Daily Poll. You will need to request access to those datasets through your campus library.

The following institutions provide regular subscription access to Gallup Analytics through the campus library.

Please note: If you are a student, faculty or staff member at one of these institutions, contact the library to gain access to Gallup Analytics.

What's Inside

About Gallup Analytics

Gallup Analytics is a subscription-based portal that houses more than a decade of international data from more than 160 countries and areas and nearly a century of U.S. national data.

Gallup Analytics subscribers can

  • perform detailed searches on any of the hundreds of U.S. and global metrics covered in our database
  • view data in a user-friendly format
  • examine data by demographic and socio-economic groups, including income, education, age and gender
  • compare results across geographies
  • get direct citations of Gallup's work

Not on the list? No problem.

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