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B2B Analytics

B2B Companies Are Struggling to Grow

You're up against a shrinking number of competitors, and it's difficult to know the best path forward for your company. You're collecting data but not getting the most out of it. But you will with the right analytics and advice.

It's time to do something different.

The Status Quo

Your greatest risk isn't what you think it is.

Your greatest risk isn't competitive trends or technological change -- it's the likelihood of losing your customers. This finding holds true for every industry Gallup has studied. Here's why.

You don't know where you stand with your customers

Many B2B companies have an inaccurate perception of their customer relationships.

Gathering feedback from an objective third party will give you a nuanced understanding of the entire buying cycle, and help you collect candid customer responses.

Among those who have gathered feedback, most have ignored it, which is far more harmful than not asking for feedback at all.

You're not bringing your customers new ideas

What will create a loyal customer for life? Introducing new ideas.

New ideas show customers that they'll be more successful doing business with you than they would with a competitor. They will see you as a trusted partner who has their best interest at heart.

And that is one of the single biggest contributors to B2B companies' growth.

B2B customers who are ready to take their business elsewhere

B2B customers who strongly believe their vendor delivers on its promises

B2B customers who feel proud to be their company's customer

The key to success

Put the customer at the core. Of everything.

Customers often expect more from companies than companies expect from themselves. To become your customers' trusted adviser, design your entire business strategy around them.

A client executive doubled the size of his organization six months post-merger with Gallup's help.

"Gallup has helped us better understand how we're doing with customers with data and facts, making our customers a greater part of our strategy. This information helped us create real plans of action to improve customer engagement and to serve our customers in a fashion more consistent with our strategy."

Exceed your customers' expectations.

The right analysis

Act on the data and resolve problems in a human way.

Gallup can help you analyze all relevant data -- from customer feedback, to market data, to intelligence on your competitors -- and advise you how to move forward.

For example, you can turn a customer problem into an opportunity. In order to do that, you need to analyze the data and then act: fixing the issue and connecting to the customer emotionally.

Even in a business-to-business environment, customer relationships are still human-to-human.

B2B companies that Gallup has advised are having fewer problems than in past years.

Featured Advisory Services

Voice of the Customer

Sophisticated programs to collect and interpret customer data and advice on the next steps

Key Account Reviews

Custom insights through detailed in-person interviews with leaders at your customer company

Mergers & Acquisitions

Advice on navigating mergers and acquisitions, and maximizing revenue after the fact

Strategic Advice

Objective insight on the market and advice on the right next move

The Right Data

Get to know the world according to your customers.

You must understand your customers, competition and end consumers to know the best way forward, but customers are the most important.

To get a detailed view of your customer relationships, you need a new way of looking at the data. Gallup's experts use data science to find insights about four key groups at your customer's company.


They commit funds and make the final "go/no-go" decision.


They influence whether organizations choose to do business with you.


They are involved in the procurement process.

End users

They manage and use your services.

Once you know what your customers want, it's time to dig into the rest of the variables connected to your company -- your competition, end consumers and more.

Gallup has an 80-year history of research and data analysis. We know how to discover the information that will get you results.


We work with any industry, and we understand your specific challenges.

Gain a competitive edge by working with Gallup to solve problems. We bring new strategies to overcoming challenges and tailor our advice to your precise situation.

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