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Get Smarter About Your Markets and Customers

Use Gallup's data and insights to make better decisions and turn problems into opportunities.

Voice of the Customer

Not all customers are equal.

It's time for B2B companies to invest in customer feedback.

As an objective third party, Gallup collects data in the right way for each type of customer, and we recommend activities to improve your standing with them.

Relationships with your largest customers can make or break many companies, so getting their feedback requires a combination of key account reviews, phone interviews and web surveys.

We share major issues and thematic patterns with senior leaders and tell account teams what's going on with their accounts.

We also make projections for the future, from product orientation to where your business is going.

  • Key Account Reviews: detailed reports on insights from your top-tier accounts
  • Phone Interviews: one-on-one assessments of your second-tier accounts
  • Web Surveys: straightforward data collection on your lowest-priority accounts

Key Account Reviews

This kind of access and candor won't come from a digital survey.

You win with superior customer insights. We deliver them.

Gallup's brand ensures access to your customers' honest feedback. We've proven that the best insights and candor come from face-to-face conversations with leaders at your customer company.

Stakeholders at your customer company will tell a third party what they really think. Hint: They don't all feel the same way about you. Gallup gathers a 360-degree view of where you stand.

  • Collect feedback from multiple stakeholders
  • Synthesize and benchmark feedback
  • Make recommendations using qualitative and quantitative feedback

Mergers & Acquisitions

B2B companies feel the lack of growth in the economy.

You're cutting costs by acquiring your competitors, consolidating redundant roles and renegotiating supplier agreements. This trend is likely to continue.

But, eventually, you need to show organic revenue growth.

You can achieve this type of growth by focusing on the voice of the customer.

Customers often don't see the value in mergers that companies hope they will.

Unlike other firms, Gallup can tell you what customers want from your newly transformed organization and how to build organic revenue as a result.

Pre- and post-integration, we help you sort out what the new company should look like.

Register for our free webinar to hear real-world examples of successful B2B mergers and acquisitions.

  • Pre-M&A customer research and analysis
  • Post-M&A customer feedback and analysis to guide decision-making
  • Post-M&A customer feedback about success of integration

Strategic Advice

Knowledge is power, particularly in a competitive setting.

When you're facing a major risky decision, Gallup delivers objective insight on the market and advice on the right move to make.

Better integration of customer insights and market strategy can result in transformative progress for your firm.

Gallup can help structure and increase your leadership teams' understanding of key issues to better navigate the future.

  • Major acquisitions
  • Reorganizations
  • New product launches
  • Major capital expenditures


  • An understanding of the market's perception of your firm
  • A grasp on the competitive dynamics in your industry
  • Leaders using objective customer feedback to create a forward-looking strategy

Start problem-solving today.

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