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71% of B2B customers are at risk of taking their business elsewhere.

Paper & Packaging

The industry is facing significant challenges:

  • disruption from a changing consumer landscape
  • paper sales down 8% every year because of digitization
  • mass commoditization
  • changing environmental regulations and the need for environmental sustainability
  • a lack of understanding about the health of your largest customer relationships

    Paper and packaging companies need to adapt -- quickly.

Very few major pharmaceutical companies account for more than 85% of total drug distribution revenue.

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

The few major players left in this industry have huge bargaining power -- and they account for more than 85% of total drug distribution revenue.

The health of your company depends on successfully launching new, innovative products.

To do that, you need to understand your customers.

Customers are willing to pay premiums for excellent customer service.


The challenge facing major chemical companies: Become a solution provider in a rapidly changing market and political environment.

Many chemical companies are changing their pricing strategy and product mix, but that is not enough to meet customers' needs when you're struggling to shift from selling products to providing solutions.

On average, infrastructure megaprojects run 20 months late and 80% over budget.


What's the No. 1 reason projects run late and go over budget? Poor relationships between contractors, subcontractors and owners.

Poor relationships lead to poor productivity.

Gallup is partnering with leading construction organizations to solve that problem and more. We help you understand the health of your key relationships and advise you on how to improve them.

Technology & Professional Services

The technology and professional services industries are experiencing upheaval as their methods of doing business change.

Artificial intelligence, the cloud, automation and the "internet of things" are becoming reality.

Organizations need to adapt to the changing demands of their buyers and understand the new value they can bring to their clients.

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