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Providing Access to the Right Financial Tools So the World Can Reach Its Goals

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MetLife Organization

MetLife Foundation believes financial health should be within every person's reach. The Foundation partners with creative and committed organizations taking diverse approaches to building a more financially healthy future, supporting each person's meaningful steps forward -- no matter where they stand today.

The Impact


Gallup partnered with MetLife Foundation on the Gallup Global Financial Health Study to find out firsthand how much control and influence people in different countries believe they have over their financial situations.

The study interviewed more than 15,000 people in 10 very different countries to help leaders, organizations and countries worldwide make more informed, evidence-based decisions about how to help people lead financially healthy and secure lives.

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The Challenge

The world has a lot of data on financial inclusion, but it knows less about financial control

The degree to which people perceive they are in control of and can influence their financial situation is an important and complementary dimension under the umbrella of financial health. But until now, these type of data have never existed.

That's why MetLife Foundation partnered with Gallup to look at financial health on a global basis from a different lens. This new measure will vastly improve the ability for people to take control of their finances and improve their overall financial health.

Listen to the webinar to further explore the Gallup Global Financial Health Study

Our Approach

By developing valuable measures of financial security and control, Gallup shed light on how the world's citizens view their finances

Gallup, in partnership with MetLife Foundation, completed a review of existing research and rigorous testing to develop a survey that was administered to more than 15,000 people in 10 countries across a range of economies.

The survey is the foundational piece of research in the Gallup Global Financial Health Study. The study sought to gain a deeper understanding of how financially secure people are, the predictors of financial insecurity and the degree to which people perceive they have control over their financial lives.

"These data are catalysts for new, ongoing research and analytics that provide important insights on how to improve personal finances around the world."
-Joe Daly Partner, Gallup Global Analytics
The Impact

Inspiring global financial transformation for those who need it most

These data serve as impetus for new research and analytics on how to improve personal finances on a global scale. The study featured exclusive launches with key team members in Washington, D.C., and London to a group of thought leaders and policymakers to create a new measure of financial inclusion and financial literacy.

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