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Can the U.S. Shake Its Image Problem? Rating World Leaders: 2020

Discover how people in 135 countries and areas rated U.S. leadership during President Donald Trump's third year in office -- and how the global image of U.S. leadership compares with the leadership of Germany, China and Russia.

How has President Trump's foreign policy affected global perceptions of U.S. leadership? And what implications does this have for America's influence around the world?

The image of the U.S. has not improved much in the third year of Trump's term, after tumbling to a record low during the first year of his presidency.

While Germany gets the highest leadership approval for the third consecutive year and is even more firmly entrenched in the top spot, the U.S., China and Russia remain in tight competition for second place.

Global leaders can make informed decisions by reading this report and comparing how people view the leadership of major countries.

Read this report to find out:

  • the approval and disapproval ratings of leadership of the U.S., Germany, China and Russia
  • how the 2019 ratings compare with ratings from the past decade
  • a clear picture of what people think worldwide about U.S. leadership
Various flags from various countries are on a black and white image background. The image is shot from the ground so that some flags appear upside down. Read the Rating World Leaders: The U.S. vs. Germany China, and Russia report from 2020 today.

median global approval rating of U.S. leadership, a slight increase from past years, but still lower than previous administrations

approval rating of China, on par with the U.S.

approval rating of Russia, unchanged from last year

Download the report about the world's views on global leadership.

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