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Making Everyday Cooking Fun and Measuring Global Home Cooking Habits With Cookpad

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Cooking can be an agent for change. When people cook at home, they can lead happier, healthier more fulfilling lives -- and make choices that can benefit their families, communities, farmers and producers, and the environment.

This is why Cookpad is in the business of making cooking fun, inspiring more people to cook. As a tech company, Cookpad supports a global recipe-sharing platform and online community for home cooks. With nearly 6 million recipes shared in over 70 countries and areas, Cookpad is helping home cooks across the globe find daily cooking inspiration and leading the first ever global analysis of cooking across the world.

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The Challenge

Measuring Home Cooking Around the World

When Rimpei Iwata, the President and CEO of Cookpad, reflected on Cookpad's mission, he recognized that Cookpad needed global analytics to achieve its goals and to understand if people were cooking at home. Cookpad leaders also needed to understand trends over time -- a consistent, ongoing perspective of if, how and why global cooking behaviors are changing. However, no entity or organization had conducted a thorough global analysis of people's cooking habits.

" We went around the world to find facts around how much people are actually doing home cooking, and we just could not find anything. As a way to do that, we partnered with Gallup -- who has an incredible global reach -- to really understand who is actually cooking and how much are they cooking all around the globe."

Rimpei Iwata, President and CEO of Cookpad

The Approach

A Global Cooking Analysis

Cookpad and Gallup partnered to conduct a global analysis of cooking using the Gallup World Poll. The analysis investigated how frequently people cook, who cooks and who eats, how cooking fits into people's lives, how cooking may vary by culture, region, country, and much more. Because ideas about what constitutes cooking vary, especially across food cultures, Gallup defined cooking as a meal prepared at home, mostly from ingredients such as vegetables, meats and grains.

The initial 2018 analysis yielded profound insights about global cooking behaviors -- and created a benchmark for future discoveries about trends in cooking habits. The ability to track yearly changes and progress toward goals is instrumental in Iwata's eyes: "Consistency is very important; I really love the fact that Gallup has this."

In 2019, Gallup and Cookpad conducted a second Global Cooking Analysis. The second report built on the findings from the 2018 report, included additional questions for a deeper perspective, and explored if and how home cooking correlates with other life factors.

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The Outcome

Supporting Home Cooks Around the World

Cookpad and Gallup's analyses provided invaluable perspective by studying previously unknown, unexplored patterns in global cooking. For instance, their findings shed light on the factors that predict cooking habits and have been mentioned in The New York Times and The Takeout.

What's more, Cookpad and Gallup harnessed their data to create the World Cooking Index -- a unique metric that serves as a benchmark and indicator for the number of people who cook across the globe. By providing a global picture and singular target, the World Cooking Index enables scientists and leaders to understand, measure and track cooking habits. Furthermore, the World Cooking Index positions Cookpad to better fulfill its mission to help more people enjoy cooking -- in every corner of the world.

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