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Gallup’s 2023 Global Emotions Report

Understanding how people are feeling is essential for leaders who strive to create thriving workplaces, institutions, communities and countries.

Discover where people were the most positive -- or negative -- as the world recovered from pandemic-era uncertainty in 2022. Download the 2023 Gallup Global Emotions Report to see the latest on emotional wellbeing around the globe.

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The State of Global Emotions

Gallup’s annual Global Emotions Report measures people’s positive and negative experiences worldwide, giving leaders insights into the emotional health of their societies that traditional economic indicators don’t capture.

Positive emotions recovered in 2022. More people felt well-rested, experienced enjoyment, and smiled or laughed the previous day than in 2021. At the same time, the global rise in unhappiness stalled, with negative emotions remaining at the record high set in 2021.

41% of adults experienced a lot of worry the previous day.

32% of people worldwide experienced a lot of physical pain the previous day, meaning nearly one in three were in daily pain.

Why are emotions important in our daily lives?

Visit the Global Happiness Center to learn more about why and how Gallup measures global wellbeing and to see the world's hot spots with our Global Emotions Interactive page.

  • Emotion is a fundamental element of the human experience.
  • How people feel affects life outcomes and is a definitive indicator of societal health and progress.
  • Tracking big-picture trends worldwide reveals which populations have high wellbeing and which are experiencing emotional turmoil.
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