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Game-changing ideas from the automobile to the iPhone came about because someone had the vision and ambition to build them. We are all designed to build something, and we express that inspiration through the hobbies and passions we pursue.

Willy Thiesen
Successful Entrepreneur

"BP10 is a perfect tool for creating this awareness, whether it's with entrepreneurs, intrepreneurs or solopreneurs."

The New Builder

Dhruv Singh

Student | Future Innovator | Builder

"It changes your perspective on life. Even if you aren't good at business, it makes you realize what you are good at."

Fr. Thomas Neitzke, SJ

High School President | Priest | Builder

"Education is changing. How we educate young people today has to be different than what we were doing in the past … In the future to prepare these young people to be builders, we need to find innovative ways to do that."

Christy Jobman

Project Manager | Coach | Builder

"One thing that I would recommend for anybody trying to build a successful partnership is to take this test."

Beverly Kracher, Ph.D.

Professor | Altruist | Builder

"You can't build something without thinking about the talent that you have and the talent around you ... Having a well-rounded team with different kinds of leaders is essential to building a great organization."

Jeff Slobotski

Investor | Resource Connector | Builder

"Focusing on a person's talent so early in the creation of a company is essential … At the end of the day, business is all about people."

Dawn Nizzi and Kathy McGauvran

Teachers | Coaches | Builders

"It's been fun for us to see them (students) identify the fact that 'Yes, I am a builder' and walk around now and say, 'I can do this because I am a builder.'"

Shonna Dorsey

Community Builder | Coach | Builder

"I am excited to build more collaborative communities. I think there is a lot of strength and diversity and inclusion in being intentional about it and not just seeing it from a racial and ethnic perspective."

Cathy Lang

Economic Developer | Mentor | Builder

"I believe economic development needs to change in a way that focuses on building companies and building opportunities across our country."

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Grounded in global Gallup research,
Born to Build offers readers inspiration and motivation as well as practical steps for building an enterprise of any size from scratch.

Born To Build

Learn More About the BP10 Assessment

Each of us is born to build, and we each have a unique set of talents. The BP10 assessment identifies your dominant builder talents and what role fits you best and gives you action items for applying your talents.

BP10 Assesment