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Builder Profile 10

How you are wired will influence not only what you build, but also how you build it. The BP10 assessment identifies your unique builder talent profile and what kind of builder you are.

A different kind of assessment.

You have a unique mix of talents. The BP10 assessment is scientifically designed to reveal your builder profile.

Your Builder Profile 10 report:

  • reveals your dominant builder talents
  • identifies whether you are a Rainmaker, Conductor or Expert
  • gives you action items for applying your talents

The first step in your journey is discovering who you are.

Pathways to possibilities

The behaviors associated with the 10 talents of successful builders empower them to meet the demands of the role, which ultimately leads to success.

Once you have your builder profile, start thinking about your unique journey.

Discover the 10 builder talents and 3 builder roles

Builder Talents
  • Confidence

  • Delegator

  • Determination

  • Disruptor

  • Independence

  • Knowledge

  • Profitability

  • Relationship

  • Risk

  • Selling

Builder Roles
  • Rainmaker

  • Conductor

  • Expert

Get out there and start building!

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What our clients are saying:

Tim O. Peterson, Ph.D.

North Dakota State University

"Even in the early stages of this initiative, I have already seen students express excitement about and own their builder talents with such passion."

Scott Lilly

Thurgood Marshall College Fund

"Our organization is focused on innovation, and using the BP10 is a perfect way for us to connect innovation and entrepreneurship."

Belle Lockerby

Entrepreneur & Coach

"BP10 is a perfect tool for creating this awareness, whether it's with entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs or solopreneurs."

Brian Quebengco

Enderun Colleges

"BP10 allows me not to simply teach a class, but each student in the class."

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