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Find Out More About Gallup's BP10 Updates, New Book and Website

Find Out More About Gallup's BP10 Updates, New Book and Website

In this BP10 edition of Called to Coach, Jim Collison, Gallup's Director of Talent Sourcing, and Todd Johnson, Gallup's Senior Channel Leader for Entrepreneurship & Job Creation, discuss the newest developments with BP10 and share tactics, insights and strategies to help others maximize the talents of individuals, teams and organizations around the world.

We've learned a lot since launching BP10 in 2014. It's all very exciting, and there are a million moving parts! In this episode, Todd shares his list of major updates about BP10:

• In early May, Gallup launched the new book, Born to Build, to change the national dialogue from "What do you do?" to "What are you building?" This book is practical, tangible and action-oriented. The core tenets include taking the BP10 assessment and understanding how you are wired to build whatever you are building. Everyone is building something on their life's journey. The book highlights your talents about how to do it better. The four tenets of the book are:

  1. Who you are, why you should build and why you need to know about your talents to build
  2. How to develop an opportunity and how to create a viable idea
  3. How to find a customer and how to vet the idea to customer readiness
  4. How do you scale your idea? How do you build a team?

Coaches can apply the broad approach to the art of building in the book in their coaching journey as well.

• We also have a new separate builder website that focuses on the book and all kinds of resources. We will be adding new user persona videos of students, coaches, investors, academics -- all kinds of different personas. We'll also have writeable, printable PDFs of tools from the book so people can build curriculum -- for example, self-schema, how to build your board of directors, purpose journal, storyboard, activation chart and the team talent map.

• Styles are going away; now new roles are in the report. Gallup has identified three types of alpha builders -- Rainmaker, Conductor and Expert. These roles tell you what you lead with. If you think about that team building and coaching experience, you can see how the roles apply. If you took the assessment after November 20, 2015, when you log into your account and go to your report, your style will be gone and your new role will be there. Everybody should go back and also have their customers and clients review their roles -- Rainmaker, Conductor or Expert.

• There's a big exciting push in higher education. Gallup is in conversations with four or five smaller universities that want to build their entire ethos around the builder movement. Ultimately, an educational experience is how to build a great life. We're looking at it in two very distinct ways. First, developmental. You're there to learn how to build a great life. And second, we have some interesting disruptive conversations going with admissions offices. Traditional measurements are not going to work anymore, and we're having conversations about what it would look like to include the BP10.

• Gallup will also rekindle and relaunch the consortium of universities and create a venue for the leading advanced academic thinkers and leaders to talk to each other. We'll be the language and platform. If any coaches have relationships with higher ed institutions, please contact Todd at Higher ed educators are excited about what we're doing. Stay tuned for more developments regarding in-depth curriculum around the book and assessment to make it easy for higher education institutions and high schools to plug it in.

• Junior Achievement. Gallup has great relationships with Junior Achievement on the national level, and we have exciting powerful relationships in a few cities too. If coaches have Junior Achievement contacts in their area, consider taking Born to Build there to share. Entrepreneurship and building is one of their three key tenets. There's 250,000 JA volunteers, and they touch 5 million students.

• Mexico City. Over the course of next 12 months, 250,000 college students across Mexico will experience their Builder Profile 10 and get online development and training through the National Development Bank. The training is all online so they can scale.

• There will be a BP10 breakout session at the CliftonStrengths Summit this July in Omaha. We will focus on how coaches are using CliftonStrengths and BP10 together. How they are aiming their CliftonStrengths at their Builder Profile. We'd love to have some coaches on a panel at the summit. There will also be a BP10 class before and after the summit.

• We have 4,100 students in Lincoln, Nebraska, taking their BP10 assessment. We will funnel the top 10% to a rally with their parents and celebrate their talent. We will also have an application process for the deep internship. Lincoln is really becoming best practice. We're doing great things in other cities too to find the next generation of builders.

• With all of the system changes, our CIR (Coaches Insight Reports) system has been stressed, and some coaches are having to wait longer. Please bear with us as we sort through all of these system changes.

• We are going to try to get some alpha Rainmakers, Experts and Conductors for a Builder Talent Tuesday to go super deep into the three roles for coaches.

Interested in taking the BP10 assessment? Visit the builder site to purchase a code.
Interested in taking a course on coaching? Visit our courses page to explore new possibilities for builder coaching.

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