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BP10 Passes 100,000 Completes in Over 20 Countries with More than Half Being Students

BP10 Passes 100,000 Completes in Over 20 Countries with More than Half Being Students

In this BP10 Quarterly Update edition of Called to Coach, Jim Collison, Gallup's Director of Talent Sourcing, and Todd Johnson, Gallup's Senior Channel Leader for Entrepreneurship & Job Creation, discuss the progress that BP10 has achieved and share tactics, insight and strategies to help others maximize the talents of individuals, teams and organizations around the world.

Keep scrolling to read Todd's major updates about BP10.

• We passed 100,000 completes -- a big milestone. It's not more than 17 million like the CliftonStrengths assessment, but we're on our way. Our volume the last few months has been down on a weekly basis, but it's all about quality not quantity. Jim Collison reminds listeners that it is important, especially with BP10, that for people discover the assessment, it typically happens through engagement with a coach, as opposed to someone finding out about it and taking it off the street. It's important for coaches to have a bookmark handy for the new site to share with their clients so they know where to direct people to go.

• The BP10 completes were from over 25 countries and 60,000 of the completes were by students. We will run frequencies and look at prevalence to discover the number one builder talent and the most rare talent.

• The new protocol report "Ordering and Receiving the Coaches" Insight Report" (CIR) to assist coaches in the process is available for you by emailing or We've heard that those who are using the CIR are really enjoying it and finding it useful. You can find the protocol report on the BP10 Facebook group.

• We have an awesome "Builder Talent Tuesday" webinar series. They are all archived on the coaches' blog. Many academic friends are using them in the class to go deep. Jim Collison, Maika Leibbrant and our guests nailed it. It's like when you go taste wine in Napa Valley. Every wine is your new favorite. That is what happened with the "Builder Talent Tuesdays," every episode was my new favorite. They are all really good and highly recommended. To access all 10 of them, go to the coach's blog , then click on the "topics" section and scroll down until you see "Builder Talent Tuesday." Bingeing highly recommended. If you haven't check them out, it's a requirement if you're going to be part of this movement.

• The new book Born to Build launched in May and it's really, really good. The book is aimed at students and is applicable across life's journey. There are four proverbial legs to the table:

1. The first chapter of the book is on self-awareness. You can go in-depth on your report, what it means, how you're wired and what your DNA is like

2. The second is opportunity identification. We get really practical. There are exercises and activities throughout all of the chapters. It's really practical, tangible and functional and not just theoretical. This book is hands-on. How do you validate your idea? There are activities around minimum viable products.

3. The third is how to activate. You've vetted your idea, what do you do about it? There is some true, tangible activation around your opportunity, your idea.

4. The fourth is if, and as you begin to scale, how do you build a team? How do you get the right people -- not just as employees -- but around you in terms of role models, mentors and coaches? The book is aimed at everybody who is a builder. By the way, we're all builders of some ilk on our journey. It's not just pigeon-holed to those that are going to build the multi-million dollar company. It's those that are building nonprofits, those that are building new products and services. Everybody is building somewhere on that journey. The book is aimed at a very broad audience.

• We have been giving volume discounts to organizations that buy over 1,000 and over 10,000 and I've yet to have one over 100,000, but it's out there. Contact if you are interested.

• A reminder to check out the courses site to stay informed on the latest course offerings available.

• Sangeeta Badal, Ph.D. and the team put together a correlations document. They looked at 400 people who had taken both assessments. They are very different. If it was a 1 to 1 correlation, we wouldn't need two assessment. The fact that they are relationships is the best way to think about them. If you would like this correlations document, please check the BP10 Blog or email, or The coaches love working with both assessments together. A popular question is whether there are any correlations in the two. Because we are still in the early stages, it is recommended not to draw any super strong on scientific conclusions. It's all about the conversation and that goes for the whole thing. When people get hung up on 66 versus 67, they are losing sight of what it is all about.

• In December of 2017, the annual conference of the Nebraska Extension was held. 300 of our extension and land-based universities all have extension organizations taking efforts into their communities. BP10 was the focus. Groups showed up with their results and exercises and training were held on how they can take BP10 back into their spheres of influence. This group is really excited about taking BP10 across the state.

• The central region consisting of 11 states of DECA, an organization that prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs to be college and career ready, is offering BP10 to about 1200 students. The top 40 will do a first-come, first-serve two-hour workshop at Gallup during the Central DECA Leadership Conference. We are seeing more and more DECA chapters engage with BP10

• The Young Southeast Asian Leaders Institute (YSEALI) Cohort is in the fourth-year running. The U.S. State Department selects the absolute sharpest 18-22 year-old students and flies them to Omaha for five weeks. They do a CliftonStrengths Full 34 and BP10. They visit the Gallup Riverfront Campus for a full day.

• Mexico City is on its fifth cohort where we test 30,000 great kids across the Mexico City school system. We have contests and applications and ultimately six of them, one from each district, will travel to Washington, D.C. The Builder project is starting to gather real visibility across Mexico.

• The first builder project happened in Omaha where 1,000 students took the assessment and had an application. They identified 11 and brought them to the Gallup campus for a month and taught them how to build a company. We will do this project in Omaha for 10 years complements of the Clifton Family Foundation and Gallup Strengths Lab. It was great fun having these builders.

• There are advanced conversations happening across the state of Nebraska. There are three builder buckets; high schools, colleges and companies. We'll train coaches on how to take BP10 into actual companies that want and have the talent to grow. There will be events and programming for all three.

Interested in taking the BP10 assessment? Visit the builder site to purchase a code.
Interested in taking a course on coaching? Visit our courses page to explore new possibilities for builder coaching.

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