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The 10 Builder Talents

The behaviors associated with the 10 talents of successful builders empower them to meet the demands of the role, which ultimately leads to success.

Builder Talents


Your Competitive Advantage - Maureen Electa Monte

Highly successful builders are obsessed with their organization; they have a strong desire to acquire in-depth knowledge about all aspects of it. If you have Knowledge talent, you constantly search for new information and experiences to navigate your organization in a highly complex business or nonprofit environment.


Exploring Your Own World

Highly successful builders strongly believe they can take an idea from concept to creation based on their efforts alone. If you have high Independence talent, you consider yourself a jack-of-all-trades who can single-handedly start and operate an organization


Winning Over Champions

Highly successful builders are ambassadors who represent the interests of their organization to the outside world. If you have Selling talent, you are the face and voice of your organization. You champion its mission and purpose and endorse what it stands for, at every opportunity.


Enthusiasm in the Face of a Challenge

Contrary to popular belief, highly successful builders are not risk seekers, they are risk mitigators par excellence. If you possess Risk talent, you instinctively know how to manage high-risk situations.


Speaking the Language of Profit

As a builder with Profitability talent, you have sharp business instincts, and you use them to price products or services to guarantee a profit on each sale. Consistent with your emphasis on money, you run a tight ship, keeping a close check on operational costs. You make all decisions, big and small, with cost in mind and evaluate your decisions through the prism of profitability.


Creating What Customers Are Going to Want

Whether introducing new products and services, entering untapped markets or nonprofit sectors, or initiating innovative technologies or production processes, you are constantly thinking of new ways to propel your organization forward.


How to See Possibilities When Others See Barriers

Builders with high Determination don't give up when the going gets tough. Delays and obstructions don't deter you. Your tenacity and persistence allow you to recover from setbacks and failures. Whether confronted by a failed project, an unsuccessful product launch, or a disastrous end to a new venture, you know how to pick yourself up and resume your efforts.


Cultivate a Diverse Network of Opportunity

If you have Relationship talent, you inherently understand that running a successful organization is a collective effort that requires interaction with a range of people: suppliers and potential investors, employees and customers, peers, competitors, public officials, and members of the media.


Mastering the Art of Inspiration and Delegation

Delegators work on the organization rather than in it. You recognize that a growing organization requires a shift from a do-it-yourself style, which is helpful in the early stages, to a more hands-off approach as the business or nonprofit starts to grow.


Confidence Wins Over Doubt

Highly successful builders have little self-doubt - rather, they are more likely to possess strong self-belief. If you have high Confidence, you believe that you have what it takes to be a successful builder.

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