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Achievement-focused. Performance-oriented. Mission-driven. Get to know the people who are changing the world.

Our People

Learn more about our associates.

Our People

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Network Administrator
"My first impression of Gallup was that it was not your normal workplace -- and that's a very positive thing -- the teams and the technology came first."


Workplace Consultant
"Each and every one of us is unique, and we all have a certain reason why we exist. I train people to become strength coaches, and in doing so, I help unlock the full potential of the world."


"By helping my clients create and deliver change that improves productivity, drives cultural transformation and maximizes human potential, I'm changing lives."


Performance Team Lead
"At Gallup, we are always working as a team. We're all in it together, and everyone is working toward each other's successes."


Administrative Coordinator
"I love coming into work each day because Gallup encourages me to be my best self by continuously challenging and developing me. To top it off, I get to spend my time with some of my best friends."


Business Development Consultant
"We have a culture that requires self-motivation. There's a good sense of autonomy given, and ownership is required to be successful."