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Life at Gallup

As experts on knowing how to create exceptional workplaces, we bring our analytics and advice to our own workplace every day. With a focus on talent, mission-driven work, world-class managers and strengths-based development, our culture is unparalleled.


An Emphasis on Employee Engagement

At Gallup, we live and breathe engagement. Whether it's making sure that you know what is expected of you in your role, or it's creating opportunities for you to do what you do best, your engagement is our priority. In a high-achieving culture where our focus is on customer outcomes and mission-driven work, we use our greatest strength -- our engaged employees -- to create transformational change.

A Focus on What You Do Best

A person's unique talents and strengths are the foundation of a strong work environment.

Our associates' talent themes represent all 34 CliftonStrengths®, but we don't hire clones. In fact, no two Gallup employees have the same theme sequence, so we benefit from diversity in thoughts, actions and work styles. Our emphasis on strengths-based diversity encourages everyone to bring something distinct to their role and team, creating an innovative work environment.

A Commitment to a Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive Culture

Our goal is to cultivate a high-engagement, high-performance culture that empowers our associates to deliver exceptional results for our clients, and having a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace is essential for achieving that goal. We believe that having a myriad of backgrounds, experiences and viewpoints among our associates and leaders makes us more effective and results in better outcomes for our associates, our company and our clients.

We are committed to continuing to develop a work environment that fosters respect and belonging so we can successfully fulfill our mission and change the world for the better every day.


When you join our team, you're joining a group of tenured and diverse employees whose passion for solving the world's most pressing problems will inspire you to do your best. We promise you:
  • Mission-driven work that contributes to your purpose and our core mission of changing the world.
  • The right fit. We match your innate talents and passion with a career that allows you to thrive.
We want you to like what you do each day and to be motivated to achieve your goals. That's why we are committed to ensuring we provide:
  • Continuous learning opportunities ranging from attending conferences in person to virtual learning events.
  • Managers who coach, guide and empower associates based on their unique skills and strengths.
  • Monthly companywide recognition events.
  • A strengths-based, engagement-focused and performance-oriented culture.
  • A flexible work culture that allows work and life to thrive together.
Social interactions are important to your overall happiness, and we want you to be able to confidently agree that you have a best friend at work. As such, we strive to create opportunities that foster these relationships, such as:
  • Hosting team and office book clubs.
  • Celebrating milestone anniversaries with best partners.
  • Encouraging ongoing, informal festivities including team outings, office events, etc.
  • Sponsoring wellbeing celebrations.
Managing finances can be stressful. Fortunately, we're here to help you manage your economic life. Our financial perks include:
  • Membership to Gallup's Federal Credit Union.
  • Access to financial advisers.
  • Complimentary learning courses designed around the most important financial decisions people face in different stages of life.
  • A robust benefits package including medical, dental and vision insurance options, 401(k) retirement and savings plan with company matching, and an employee stock ownership program.
  • Nontraditional benefits, such as pet insurance and adoption support.
When you have a strong sense of community wellbeing, you take pride in your surroundings and make a difference in the lives around you. We're committed to building better organizations, better communities and overall, a better world. We promise you:
  • A unique Community Builders program in which Gallup matches associates' payroll donations dollar for dollar to support local nonprofit organizations.
  • Ongoing opportunities to support and participate in a variety of Gallup-sponsored community organizations that focus on youth, education, leadership, diversity and strengths.
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is crucial to overall happiness. Our wellness programs, including physical and mental health services, help you stay healthy in all areas in life and include:
  • Access to personal trainers and gym membership reimbursement plans.
  • Our In The Zone program that encourages and rewards associates for completing health goals and activities.
  • Companywide events, such as intramural sports and health and fitness challenges.
  • Competitive medical, dental and vision insurance plans and perks, including virtual doctor visits and an employee assistance program.


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