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How We Hire

This is not your typical interview process because Gallup is not your typical employer. We want to understand how you think and what you do best to make sure you're the right person for the right role.

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Understanding the Selection Process

You'll have the opportunity to do what you do best at Gallup, but first we need to know what that is -- our selection process gives us that insight.



Here's your chance to provide us with some general information about your background, education, work history and relevant experiences.


Talent Assessment

On meeting minimum requirements, we'll invite you to participate in a talent assessment in order to get to know you better and learn more about your innate talents and beliefs.


Meet Our Team

If you are a finalist for the position, you'll connect with some of your key partners to talk more about joining our team.

Frequently Asked Questions

The application steps for all jobs are not the same, but you can expect the process to take approximately one to three weeks. We promise to keep you updated throughout the process, and you can always contact your recruiter if you have any questions.

The talent assessment helps us learn how you intuitively think and act. Don't overthink your responses, and be true to yourself. There is no one "right way" to answer the assessment questions.

The talent assessment isn't a pass/fail test. Instead, we use it to learn more about your innate talents and strengths to see if we can best use them in the particular role. If we don't find a good match with the role you applied for, we believe that the opportunity is not going to set you up for success for the best possible career at Gallup. It is a no for now -- not a no forever.

Absolutely! Just because we did not find a match for the role you applied for in the past does not mean you are not a match for other roles open today or in the future. Visit our website to see what available positions might be a right fit for you.

When we review your résumé/application for the role you applied for, we will also consider your qualifications for other available positions. If we do find another opportunity that is a better fit for you, we will contact you.

No, we gear the talent assessment toward the career and position you are applying for. The talent assessment compares your talent with those who have been the most successful in our organization in a specific role to see if there is a match. It helps us measure both functional fit to the role and fit to our culture. On the other hand, the CliftonStrengths assessment measures the unique strengths that make you you. We do not take into account your CliftonStrengths talent themes during the selection process or use your CliftonStrengths results in our hiring process.

That's great! We're excited you know more about your individual strengths and talents. But Gallup built the CliftonStrengths assessment as a developmental tool -- not a selection tool. To know if you're a right fit for an open position at Gallup, please complete the online application.

Simple: Be yourself. You do something better than anyone else, and we want to know what it is. We don't want clones running around our offices -- we value and appreciate people's unique talents and strengths. Don't hold back -- we want to know all about you!