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Achiever | Includer | Positivity | Woo | CommunicationTechnology Manager/Technical Project Manager

"It's such an amazing feeling knowing that I get to wake up every morning and work with the most brilliant, caring and talented individuals in the world."

What Truong Is Saying:

Q: What do you do at Gallup?

A: I have two roles here: I'm a Go To (Technology Manager) and a Technical Project Manager (TPM). As a Go To, I lead a team of amazing software developers and designers. Think of me as their protector: I make sure they have all the tools and resources they need, and then I'm also there to remove any impediments that block them from doing their work. As a TPM, I help Gallup Access push forward in its development, making sure all of our business needs are clearly defined and understood by our developers.

Q: How do you live out Gallup's mission?

A: The work we're doing with Gallup Access is going to change the world and impact billions of people by enabling companies, organizations and educational institutions to transform the way they engage their people.

Q: How would you describe Gallup's culture?

A: It's like a family. No matter where you go, there are people who really care about you and what you're doing. This may sound cliché, but at other companies, leaders might say they want their employees to have a successful career, but it's all very top down. Here though, our leadership team really cares. They roll up their sleeves and work with us on much more of a personal level.

Q: What's your favorite part about working at Gallup?

A: The people, and I'm sure you've heard that from everyone here! My team is amazing. My people are proof that Gallup's talent assessments really work. I love every single person on my team, and they are all so supportive, they're high achievers, they get their stuff done, they're funny, and they know how to work well together. And, in addition, my leadership team is extremely supportive of me. They know when to coach me, when to give praise and when to push me harder. Their philosophy is all about helping me develop myself and my team, and I find that incredibly inspirational.

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