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What Shubhashri Is Saying:

"If you're looking for great flexibility and exciting, challenging work at a place that makes you feel like home, Gallup is the place to be."

What Shubhashri Is Saying:

Q: What do you do at Gallup?

A: In my role, I create an interactive gateway for our clients to easily access Gallup's advice and analytics. I work on the IT team, supporting the reporting side of Gallup Access, a new platform that allows us to share data and learning for employee engagement and CliftonStrengths®.

My typical day includes working through the new IT tickets, collaborating with teams, and finalizing requirements and design details. Because I'm in a lead position, I also manage internal timelines and details, and I work a lot with the junior developers. I do code development and reviews, production deployments and help out the other developers on the team. Because I'm part of a relatively newer team, every day I get to work solving some sort of new business need with new technologies. The challenge of the work that I do keeps me motivated.

Q: What's your favorite project you've been a part of at Gallup?

A: When I first joined Gallup, we used a reporting system where I was responsible for getting survey data in and cleaning it up so that it was easy for reporting. However, when we moved to the new Gallup Access platform, this allowed me to work with newer technologies and do more challenging work. I worked on a team that was responsible for doing all of the reporting. I was cleaning, reporting on and developing the front end of data. We got to develop a system from scratch, and that was so exciting!

Q: What made you want to join Gallup?

A: I saw an opening at Gallup that seemed to be a perfect fit for me. When I was done with the first interview, I found Gallup's selection process to be intriguing. It seemed more thorough than the other IT interviews I was doing at other companies. Instead of just asking about the IT work I had done in the past, they asked me how I approach problems and how I interact with people. They seemed interested in more than just my technical skills -- they seemed truly interested in me. I remember thinking, "If I get selected and this job is a good fit for me, then I think the odds of me having a successful career at Gallup will be really high," which encouraged me to join Gallup.

Q: What makes you stay at Gallup?

A: I work with a great team, and the work I do every day is engaging. Because there are ever-evolving needs, I get to work with all the newest technologies, and because I'm working on a product that's relatively new, there's always a lot to design, develop and integrate. The goal is right in front of you, and when the deliverable goes to production, it's really satisfying to see people around the world use it. It's pretty exciting.

Q: What's your team like?

A: I work on a team that's pretty big, and while most of us are in the Omaha office, we have people working across the world with a mix of different skill sets. Some are seasoned developers with a lot of tenure at Gallup, and then we have new people who bring new perspectives and ways of thinking to the team. Even though we have such a big team, we take time to celebrate our successes and special events like work anniversaries and birthdays. All of this contributes to a good, friendly, family-type of environment, which I really love.

Q: What are some of your favorite parts of your job, workplace or team?

A: The team that I work with, including my stakeholders, TPAs and leaders, have high energy and are very accommodating. I have the flexibility to have a schedule that works for me, which allows me to do excellent work. Also, because this is a new team using AWS technologies, I get great exposure to new technology.

Q: What qualities do people need to be successful here?

A: What is most cherished here at Gallup is to have a vision. Regardless of how big or small your project is, you have to have a vision for the goal and be able to describe what success looks like. The other thing that people need is perseverance and follow-through. Your vision may get implemented immediately, or some things might need to change, but it's important that you have follow-through and believe in it, and make sure that everybody around you understands that this is really going to benefit your team and the company at large.

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